Fried Green Tomatoes

Continuity mistake: When Ruth climbs onto the train her shoes have rather high heels. When she jumps off her shoes are flat, but when she gets up the heels are back.


Continuity mistake: When Buddy follows his little sister up the tree at the beginning of the film, where they are getting ready for the wedding, they show the mother coming out on the porch and listening in on the conversation. She stands on the porch for a few moments, holding onto one of the pillars and watching her two children in the tree. In the next frame, you see the two up in the tree and under Buddy's arm, you see the mother walk out onto the porch again. (00:09:45)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie Evelyn drives to the café to look for Ninny. She finds her sitting on her suitcase at the place where here house had been. When they walk to the car together neither of them carries the suitcase. (01:50:40 - 01:57:50)


Continuity mistake: When Evelyn is about to drive into the red VW convertible her hands are on the wheel symmetrically when seen from behind, or one hand is on top when seen from the front in alternating shots. (01:15:35)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie Buddy is run over by a train. He is hit by the locomotive at full speed, meaning that it would need hundreds of meters to come to a halt. However, when we see the crowd at the place of the accident the locomotive is right there. (00:14:55)


Continuity mistake: When Evelyn knocks down the wall to her son's room the handle of the hammer shrinks by about half the moment Ed walks in. (00:31:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the nursing home when they're eating the fried green tomatoes in her room, in one shot the old woman is bringing a tomato up to her mouth to eat it and it's half eaten, in the next shot where she actually brings it up to her mouth, there's only one bite taken out of it. (01:35:00)

Continuity mistake: On the day of Idgie's sister's wedding, Idgie, Ruth and Buddy wade across a dam through the water that's flowing over. When the camera angle changes there are tree trunks reaching over the dam which weren't there before. (00:12:05)

Factual error: When Idgie and Ruth ride on the train Idgie's shining hair reveals that there is more light in the wagon than the petroleum lamp they brought with them. (00:29:05)


Continuity mistake: When Idgie, Ruth, and Buddy walk across the dam Ruth arms are either hanging down or stretched to the side to keep balance, depending on the camera angle. (00:12:25)


Visible crew/equipment: When the car with Ruth and the others drives off and Frank steps onto the porch there is a reflection of a camera in the window to left of the door. (00:48:45)


Continuity mistake: After Evelyn gets pushed and insulted in the supermarket she picks up her bags and walks out. When we see her in the parking lot a package is poking out of the left bag which wasn't there before. (00:49:30)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Evelyn and Ninny eat fried green tomatoes on Ninny's bed Ninny says "the Lord takes us home when he wants us". She stops chewing, musing about what she just said, holding a piece in both hands, but when the camera angle changes her arms are lying on both sides. (01:35:05)


Continuity mistake: When Evelyn smashes into the bratty young women's car, we see her smash into it four times and drive away. Later, when her husband comes home, he tells her he doesn't understand how she could have hit a car six times by accident. (01:16:15 - 01:17:50)

Continuity mistake: When Idgie goes and steals honey, in alternating shots her braid is either plaited back or plaited to the side so that it falls in front. (00:31:55)


Continuity mistake: When Idgie walks back with the stolen honey hundreds of bees are crawling all over her, which show no intention to fly off. The camera cuts to Ruth for a few seconds, and when it cuts back to Idgie when she is reaching the picnic place there's no bee left on her. Besides, there is way too much honey in the jar that can't have come from the small piece of honeycomb she had collected. (00:33:05)


Other mistake: As Mrs. Threadgood is recounting the illness of Ruth, she mentions that Ruth was moved downstairs in the house. In fact, Ruth is actually in bed in an upstairs bedroom.

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Suggested correction: The scene was moved downstairs after Jon Avnett (the director) thought how he wanted to shoot Ruth's death. He wanted Idgie to be looking out of the window, not actually seeing Ruth when she's passes. Jon thought that they would have moved Ruth downstairs where it was easier to take care of her instead of going up and down the stairs. So Ruth actually died in the living room of the house that was turned into her makeshift bedroom.

Continuity mistake: At one point the road leading through Whistle Stop appears to be freshly paved, but in the following scenes it's just a muddy road.

Sipsey: Oh it don't make no kind of sense. Big ol' ox like Grady won't sit next to a colored child. But he eats eggs - shoot right outta chicken's ass.

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Question: What's the title and the author of the painting that is covered with the mirror when Ruth dies?

Answer: The title is "Cherry Ripe" by the 19th century pre-raphaelite author John Everett Millais.

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