Nothing But Trouble

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie Chris starts up his BMW 733i and the camera pans around the interior of the car. Viewers see the tachometer, center dash stack, and the navigation screen. If you pause the movie and study the center dash stack, note that there is a Panasonic CD player. This CD player would have been an aftermarket install because a 1988 BMW didn't offer a CD player. Now later in the movie Chris is asked to put in a tape. Now there was no tape player in Chris's BMW. It was replaced by that CD player.

Factual error: In the movie it shows the "Brazilianaires" talking about Rio De Janierio and implying that they're from Brazil, however they're speaking Spanish but in Brazil they speak Portuguese. Also in the movie they show passports from Argentina where they do speak Spanish.


Continuity mistake: When Fausto hands a tape from the back seat of the car to put on, he pulls it out and it is white. In the next shot when Demi Moore takes it, it is black.

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J.P.: If it was an ambulance you got a chance, if it's in a hearse, it's gotta be worse.

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