Nothing But Trouble

Continuity mistake: When Fausto hands a tape from the back seat of the car to put on, he pulls it out and it is white. In the next shot when Demi Moore takes it, it is black.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Digital Underground was in front of the judge, the lead singer Gregory Jacobs played both roles as Shock G and Humpty Hump. However in some shots you can see Jacob's stand-in playing Shock G.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Chevy Chase first gets the cop on his tail, the cop pushes a switch to close a road block in front of him. Chevy Chase then makes a right turn onto a dirt road. In this shot, you see the car turning, and the driver has to correct an oversteer, turning the front tyres to the left. In the next shot inside the car you see Chevy Chase turning the steering wheel to the right. Then in the next shot you see the car from the outside again, still with the front wheels turned left.

Continuity mistake: When Chris gets sent to Mr. Bone Stripper, the contraption breaks down as he's trying to get away, and finally goes into it. He goes in feet first, but comes out head first.

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Suggested correction: The back up vocals (in this case the "guy in the NY jersey'- aka 2-PAC) only have to say it into the mike once; the DJ (chop master J- then puts it in 'sample' and drops it anytime he wants.

Continuity mistake: When going down the slide, Diane was twisting and turning, rather than be in one position. As such, she should have been covered head to toe in dust, as well as her clothing should have been stained but wasn't.

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Continuity mistake: When Chris and his girl are going down the slides from the attic, watch the slides. They go from dusty to clean and back again between shots. And if Demi went first until they split up, the slide should be partially cleaned before Chris go to it, but it wasn't.

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Continuity mistake: When the Brazilians are making a run from the house, Priscilla is firing the machine gun in a steady manner from the hip. When the shot turns to the inside behind her, she is firing in an unsteady way, with her arms extended, and the gun tilting up and down.

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Continuity mistake: After the Judge says "Good night, Irene!", he pulls the switch to send the quartet down into the holding area. The four of them appear to be just hunching down to simulate dropping. The next shot shows them dropping down into the pit.

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Audio problem: During the supper, right after Fausto and Renalda jumps through the windows, Chris and Diane runs for the exit. Right before they reach the exit, Judge Valkenheiser pushes a switch that makes bars come down from the roof and block the exit. Eldona goes over to them and grabs Diane, and Chris says "Take your hands off her." The voice has a metallic sound. I have tried to look for any logical explaination in the scene as for why the voice is like this, but it has to be an audio problem.

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Fausto: Where are we going?
Chris Thorne: We're going to Atlantic City, Fausto. Get in the trunk.

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