Factual error: In the beginning when the Mcaffrey brothers' dad is killed, he pushes Scott Glenn (Adcox) into an adjacent room. Then the whole floor explodes - why wasn't Adcox hurt? He should have been blown up with the rest of the floor.

Factual error: In some scenes at the climatic fire-fight, you can see that barrels have stickers indicating what's in them. Talking to a Haz-Mat Firefighter, in at least 3 scenes, the labels clearly indicate something that would've fried our heroes in that extreme situation. One barrel that he saw would've exploded because the chemicals label (that he could see; he could be wrong) react to ordinary heat!! Also, since this was a chemical fire, there would've been procedures to "decontaminate" firefighters instead of simply stuffing them into an Ambulance. It's possible that some industrial chemicals could pose a serious risk far worse than any Biological Agent if spread.

Factual error: When Bull goes charging into any of the fires in the film, he never buttons his protective coat. Any firefighter that did that would suffer severe burns. Also, he doesn't wear an SCBA, he would have suffered smoke inhalation without one.

Continuity mistake: When the fire truck swerves out of the way to keep from hitting a car, and tips over onto its side, we see it precariously balanced on two wheels. When they show a shot of the inside of the fire truck, we see that the fire truck is scraping against the ground. The side scraping against the ground is the driver's side, while the truck rolled onto the passenger side. Then in the next shot we see the fire truck still balanced on two wheels and then it tips and falls onto its side.

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Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: You see that glow flashing in the corner of your eye? That's your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear.

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Chosen answer: Why not? There's no reason why an actor couldn't play his own father at the same age - indeed, it can serve to emphasise a family resemblence between father and son. It can also serve as a swift way of letting the audience know that this is the father, rather than having a different actor come in and have to have the relationship established through dialogue.

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