Someone is starting fires that result in a backdraft that is devestating to the victims as well as dangerous and deadly to the firefighters fighting the fires.

As the plot unfolds it becomes more apparent that it is a firefighter who is starting them.

Two brothers, both the sons of a fireman who died a hero while in service, one an investigator investigating the fires, the other and outspoken and well respected fireman must face up as it becomes more obvious that it is the older brother, the firefighter who could be responsible...

But is it?

Continuity mistake: When the firefighters go to the house of the first backdraft "victim" you see that he has gone through the windshield of his car. But when we saw him opening his front door and getting hurled away from the house he didn't land anyway near the car.

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John 'Axe' Adcox: Your Dad died saving my life and these people were killing firemen for money.

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Question: Can someone please tell me the name of the red headed actor who was the captain or lieutenant on the ladder truck 46 that rolled on the side? He always had a coffee cup in his hand.

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