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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze picture

Factual error: In the scene inside Channel 3's open space, there are several wall clocks, but they are wrong. When it's 10:05 in New York it's not 3:05 in Frankfurt, London and Paris; besides, 3 clocks out of 6 which always point the same time is really wasteful - not that London is in the same timezone as the other two, but here they all point at the same time. (00:37:25)

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Double Impact picture

Factual error: While the 1960s-70s era Hong Kong vehicle licence plates were period-correct as far as number sequence (no letter prefix) and having white plates front and back, the type of plastic, retro-reflecting plates shown are from the modern era (post-1983). Cars in HK from that period had non-retro-reflecting plates, with either numbers painted on with stencils, or individually mounted plastic letters.

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A Brief History of Time picture

Factual error: Hawking explains how time slows as one approaches a black hole's event horizon. To illustrate this a CGI-animated analog wristwatch is shown ticking away the seconds progressively more slowly. It's the kind of watch that ticks intermittently: once each second the hand sweeps one second-long increment around the dial and then waits one more second to sweep another increment. In the animation, the frequency of the ticks lessens, but the speed at which the hand sweeps each increment stays the same. To be consistent, the sweep-speed needs to slow down just as much as the tick-frequency. (00:36:30)

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Toy Soldiers picture

Factual error: The U.S. army would never intervene in a hostage situation on American soil. Legally they're never be deployed for any reason on U.S. soil unless invaded by a foreign military. The F.B.I, S.W.A.T, state and local police agencies could have easily dealt with the events at the school.

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Suggested correction: They could have been National Guard forces, called out by the Governor. However, the federal Insurrection act of 1807 does allow for The President to Federalize National Guard Troops and also call the US armed forces into service. This act has been invoked many times, the last by President George H.W. Bush in response to the 1992 L.A. Riots.

But the chances of the president deploying any type of military faction whether it be state or our military would be slim to none. Local agencies could have easily dealt with this.

Suggested correction: With the exception of a few scholarship students, the prep school students were the sons of the elite - wealthy and powerful, or "privileged" (e.g, bankers, major corporate heads, contractors, governors and even the Mafia). Even if they weren't part of the military-industrial complex, they make (and use) the rules to suit themselves. As the saying goes, rules were made to be broken. Also, loopholes can be found that enable re-interpretation and re-application to allow the use of the military.


And the heavily armed terrorists could be viewed as the functional equivalent of a foreign military, thereby justifying the use of the U.S. army.


Yep. Just like when the Army (eventually) responded to the insurrection at the Capitol in DC. As the first correction says, the rich and powerful do what they want and justify it later. Realistically, the audience would find it believable and doesn't care about the legal issues. This IS a valid legal mistake, but just barely a movie mistake.

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Delirious picture

Factual error: A football game is shown playing on TV at one point. Impossible as the movie is taking place in spring - football games, both college and the NFL, are played in the fall/winter.


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The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear picture

Factual error: The movie takes place in Washington D.C, however the sequence with Hector Savage held up at his house was filmed in Los Angeles. This is obvious as the sequence features palm trees, and mountains are visible at times.

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Grand Canyon picture

Factual error: In the Steve Martin segment, the bus hijacker makes a sharp left, which would throw the passengers to their right, but the film shows them being thrown to their left. (00:25:35)

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The Hard Way picture

Factual error: I drove a tow truck for almost 20 years, and there was never a lever under the dash that would permit the driver to drop the towed vehicle.


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Out For Justice picture

Factual error: Towards the end of the movie Ritchie visits Chas the Chair. Chas tells one of his guys to wire a police scanner in the GNX parked in the garage. As we see the car once Richie's in it, it's very easily noticeable that it's not a Buick GNX, it's the regular Buick Grand National. The badges are on the fenders where the fender louvers should be on a GNX, the hood has the 3.8 SFI Turbo, among other differences. Trust me, I've owned one and have driven many.


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