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Corrected entry: When the infiltration team is about to enter the school and has snipers take out the two terrorists on the roof, the snipers are using AMAC-1500 .50 calibre rifles. However, one of the terrorists shot lives long enough to pull the pin on a grenade. The issue here is that a man shot in the chest with a .50 can not survive - with those bullets he'd be lucky to not have his corpse torn in half.

Correction: True that .50 calibre weapons are extremely destructive. Untrue that a person could not survive, much less instantly die from the wound. There are several examples of soldiers surviving shots to the chest and abdomen by such a weapon.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In Toy Soldiers, near the end of the film the special forces storm the building.They enter the grounds of the school by being dropped by helicopters. You see one guy in the last shot of them running from the chopper, fall over flat on his face and then quickly jump to his feet and continue running towards the building.

Correction: It's not impossible for someone to trip under those circumstances. Whether it was actually intentional or not, character mistakes are not movie mistakes.

Corrected entry: When Sean Astin is brought around to find the 'mouthwash' he is asked how many are left. He says 8. Earlier, he says he sold 8 bottles. He had already collected 2.

Correction: He may have only sold eight bottles it is never stated that he didn't give some away, which he could have done for homework help, an alibi for something in exchange for something else he just says i sold eight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sean Astin is switching the radio receiver chips between the bomb and the R/C plane, the light on the terrorists wrist detonator goes off because it doesn't have a connection to the bomb (as it should). But when he plugs the chip from the radio controlled plane into the bomb the light goes back on. The whole point of switching the chips is that they can't communicate, so why would the light go on to indicate that they are back in communication?

Correction: They actually can communicate because it is mentioned that the chips should be the same, i.e. the one in the plane is the same kind of chip in the bomb device. If their intent was to make the light go out and stay out, the guy wearing the band would have probably noticed that the light went out, and thus would have investigated it. This is why the diversion was created by the boy with the asthma problem.

manthabeat Premium member

Corrected entry: After Sean Austin's character comes back from switching the chips and is in the bathroom, the student in the red shirt enters the bathroom by pulling on the door - the next shot the door opens inwards.

Correction: When the student pulls on the door, you can see it doesn't lead directly to the bathroom. There is a hallway and then you walk into the bathroom. So, the outside door was opened by pulling, and the inside door was opened by pushing.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the headmaster's furniture is outside, the shadow of the camera can be seen. As the camera moves into a high-angle shot, the shadow grows bigger.

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William "Billy" Tepper: All right, what now?
Derek 'Yogurt': All right, all right. Very, very carefully take the red chip out of the receiver.
William "Billy" Tepper: There is no red chip.
Derek 'Yogurt': There must be.
William "Billy" Tepper: Well I'm sorry, there isn't. There's a blue chip the same size as the red chip, but there's no red chip.
Derek 'Yogurt': That must be it then.
William "Billy" Tepper: Well is it, or isn't it?
Derek 'Yogurt': I don't know.

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