Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers (1991)


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Student's dad: Why don't you just send your troops in there and shoot the sons of bitches!

William "Billy" Tepper: You're fuckin' morons. You know that don't you? You're fuckin' morons.
Ricardo Montoya: That's why we hang with you Billy.

William "Billy" Tepper: All right, what now?
Derek 'Yogurt': All right, all right. Very, very carefully take the red chip out of the receiver.
William "Billy" Tepper: There is no red chip.
Derek 'Yogurt': There must be.
William "Billy" Tepper: Well I'm sorry, there isn't. There's a blue chip the same size as the red chip, but there's no red chip.
Derek 'Yogurt': That must be it then.
William "Billy" Tepper: Well is it, or isn't it?
Derek 'Yogurt': I don't know.

Henry "Hank" Giles, III: Well, we managed to stay together anyways.
Ricardo Montoya: Yeah, that's my ambition in life - to die with you guys.

Dean Parker: I'm not going to expel you. Three schools have done that and it's obviously done nothing for your character... I'm going to do much worse. I am going to keep you here until you graduate. It'll probably take years at this rate.
William "Billy" Tepper: I might wear you out before then.
Dean Parker: Oh don't you worry about wearing me out. I'm going to wear you out.

Henry "Hank" Giles III: Mouthwash?
William "Billy" Tepper: Yes, mouthwash... but maybe not.
Henry "Hank" Giles III: What's the deal, Billy? Are you trying to tell me my breath stinks?
William "Billy" Tepper: I wasn't saying your breath stinks. Why do you take everything so personally? Damn, Hank.

William "Billy" Tepper: If you're going to kick me out, kick me out. Don't make me look like a nark to my friends.
Dean Parker: If we expelled you that would make four prep schools in four years. Are you trying for the Guinness Book of Records?

William "Billy" Tepper: Come on man, get up. We've gotta strike back or I'm going to look like a douche bag in front of the entire school.
Joseph "Joey" Trotta: You were born looking like a douche bag.

Ricardo Montoya: You can't smoke in the dorms.
Jonathan "Snuffy" Bradberry: What are they going to do? Kick me out?

Dean Parker: Do you think you're the first kid to put liquor in mouthwash bottles? It was done in my day. I may have even done it myself.

Headmaster: Now this object I'm holding here is call... well some of you may have seen one before, it's called a book. You may have seen one on television.

William "Billy" Tepper: Great, the school gets taken over by terrorists and I'm still on pots and pans.

Frank Ingram, Guard: Dean's waiting for you guys back in your room.
William "Billy" Tepper: Pleasure knowing you.

Luis Cali: What does your father do, William?
William "Billy" Tepper: He's a contractor.
Luis Cali: According to this he owns the third largest construction company in the world.
William "Billy" Tepper: Yeah, he's a contractor.

Continuity mistake: When the lead terrorist wakes up the morning after his father is murdered in prison, he discovers that the power has been cut to the school. Shortly after that, when the boys enter the restroom, you can see that the lights above the mirror and on the ceiling are lit. It may be possible for SOME lights to be working on battery power (like the ones above the mirror), but it's not likely that all of them would be battery backed up.

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