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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back picture

Other mistake: When in the cave, Leia falls and is caught by Han. She tells him that "being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited." As she is saying this you can see Harrison Ford mouthing her exact words. (00:44:05)

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Caddyshack picture

Other mistake: During the dinner party scene, Carl is going gopher hunting. The shot of him approaching the tree shows it's daylight in the background, when the previous shot showed it very very dark out.

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Midnight Madness picture

Other mistake: There is a man and a woman who do the voices on the radios Leon listens to at Game Control. The man also does the voice for 530 AM at the airport, while the woman does the voice for the airport intercom, first noticeable when the White Team arrives at the airport. The woman then does the voice of the hotel operator, "Paging Mr. Player." These two are very busy indeed.

Benjamin Tiffany

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The Blue Lagoon picture

Other mistake: For someone who has been living on a desert island for at least 10 years, Emmeline seems to have discovered a beauty salon hidden in the paradise. In the close up shots of her hands, she has remarkably nice manicured nails.

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Superman II picture

Other mistake: When Clark and Lois are on their way to the diner, the wide shot of their car driving along looked very familiar. In fact, it was footage used in the first movie, where the car was used as part of Lex Luthor's "real-estate" plan and was run on remote control. If you look closely in part II, no one is driving the car yet you hear Clark say to Lois, "Hey, you seem pretty quiet over there...."

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Flash Gordon picture

Other mistake: The scenes with Flash and Aura in the shuttle are a complete mess. She tells him that the left lever controls direction, the right controls the altitude. When they are passing the planet Aquarius, she tells him to take a left turn over Fridgia. A) They are passing Aquarius at the time, not Fridgia. B) He moves the right lever instead of the left lever. C) The craft doesn't change direction or altitude and even if it had moved left as supposed to, they would have ended up crashing into Aquarius. The scene when Flash wants to talk to Dale is even worse. He pulls down the left lever to dive into Fridgia. It is the wrong lever. Then when he pulls back up, he correctly uses his right hand, but the right lever is already in the up position as seen in the previous shot. (00:42:15)

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Ordinary People picture

Other mistake: At the beginning, when Conrad drives with his friends, one of them takes his head out of the window and says, "I need to Jump". The kid next to him is mouthing his lines.

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Raise the Titanic picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie where they are looking at the headstone of Jake Hobart, the date on the bottom of the stone is April 3 1913, despite dying shortly before the Titanic sank in 1912.

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Private Benjamin picture

Other mistake: At the end of basic training, Judy's platoon goes to the bulletin board to see what their M.O.S. will be. This is not how the U.S. Army operates, you must pass a qualification test for the M.O.S. that you enlist for before you ever enlist. You know before you ever get to basic training what M.O.S. you will be training for, not on the last day of basic training.

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Animalympics picture

Other mistake: When Kit Mambo prepares to catch up with Renè Fromage, she first overtakes two guys (the raccoon and the bighorn sheep) on 'third and fourth positions' - as announced by Barbara Warbler, then she passes the sheep and the camel before she catches up with Renè. This would place her first competitors on positions five and four, instead of three and four.

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Urban Cowboy picture

Other mistake: When Bud is hit by the mechanical bull, he jumps up shouting "You broke my godd**n arm.", and this is a point thought the next 45 minutes or so. The cast he is seen wearing however is only given for a broken thumb, not a broken arm, which is where he was hit.


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Atlantic City picture

Other mistake: Someone in the film discusses being "stabbed with a gun".

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Somewhere In Time picture

Other mistake: When Arthur's father takes his ball away (just before Richard Collier signs the register), Richard is looking the other way while Arthur's father puts the ball somewhere behind the counter. Yet, when Richard decides to give Arthur his ball back, he reaches over the counter to the exact place Arthur's father placed it even though Richard never saw where it was placed. (00:54:30 - 00:57:10)

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The Final Countdown picture

Other mistake: Cpt. Yelland and civilian observer Lasky are trying hard not to mess up with the timeline. Changing little things in the past could have tremendous results in the present/future. However they already disrupted the natural timeline by shooting down 2 Japanese Zeros, killing both pilots, leaving behind CAG Owens in 1941 and rescueing secretary Laurel Scott who would've been killed for sure by the two previously shot down Mitsubishi Zeros.


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Super Fuzz picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Dave Speed jumps onto Torpedo's private plane and starts steering it to the ground. The plane is white with obvious red stripes. However, Dave Speed is supposed to lose his super powers when he sees red.

Daniel Garner

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The Shining picture

Other mistake: When Jack Nicholson is talking to the manager of the Overlook Hotel, the manager mentions the death of two girls aged 8 and 10. When Danny sees visions of the two girls they are unmistakably twins, not different ages. A quick look at the IMDb ( proves they are - Lisa and Louise Burns, both born in 1968.

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The Blues Brothers picture

Other mistake: After the state troopers collide with Bob's pickup truck, both vehicles crash into a fire hydrant improbably located alongside a deserted country highway. (01:29:45)

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Smokey and the Bandit II picture

Other mistake: When Justices car gets crushed as is almost triangular shaped, and driving down the road, it shows a shot of Justice cleaning off some dirt from the dashboard. If you look at the hood/bonnet where all the crease marks are from the crash, you can see quite a bit of rust where the paint has flaked off. Considering the damage is only supposed to have just happened, there should be clean metal not rust.


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