Raise the Titanic

Other mistake: At the end of the movie where they are looking at the headstone of Jake Hobart, the date on the bottom of the stone is April 3 1913, despite dying shortly before the Titanic sank in 1912.

Continuity mistake: During the placing and arming of the explosive probes, twice the probe being placed is a completely different number to the one that is then promptly armed.

Low Cow

Factual error: When they find the safe they find it is watertight, but a watertight safe at that depth would have imploded from the pressure.


Trivia: At the board of inquiry into the sinking, the White Star Line vigorously suppressed witness accounts that the "unsinkable" ship broke in half and it became the official record that the ship went down in one piece instead of two. The entire plot of this film (and the bool) is based on that bit of "fake news." Other Titanic films made before the discovery of the wreck also continue this myth and don't show the ship's back breaking.

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