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Corrected entry: Leaving aside the many inaccuracies which have come to light since the discovery of the wreck, there are many details about the Titanic that should have been known to the film-makers. Including that the words "Titanic" and "Liverpool" on the stern were painted on, and not done in raised lettering as shown in the film.

David Mercier

Correction: In the historic picture of the stern of Titanic as she steamed out to her fate, the names Titanic and Liverpool weren't on the stern. They were inserted by the photographer after the photo was taken for identification, and to distinguish it from it's sister ships Britannic and Olympic.

Movie Nut

Corrected entry: When the Titanic has been raised and the scientist hoists the White Star company flag, he hoists it from completely the wrong place. That flag wasn't flown from the flagstaff at the stern - it belonged at the top of the mainmast. As someone who has studied the Titanic, this scientist would surely have known this.

Correction: The flag is being hoisted from the stern flagstaff because it's easier to reach. Besides the mainmast could have been declared off limits for safety reasons, due to the possibility of corrosion damage after decades under the Atlantic.

Rog the Bodge

Corrected entry: When the real Titanic sank, the first funnel broke off and fell into the water. This was reported by many eyewitnesses, including passengers and officers. In the movie, the first funnel is intact and it is the second funnel that is broken off. I read somewhere that the movie makers did this for aesthetic reasons. Still, it is a factual error.

Gregg Jasper

Correction: Many of the 'eyewitnesses' also said that the Titanic didn't break apart when clearly she did. Raise the Titanic never was nor ever claimed to be a historically accurate depiction of the Titanic.


Corrected entry: The Soviets are trying to claim the Titanic, and they land a Soviet helicopter on the deck of the Titanic. The problem is that this Helicopter is really a U.S made Huey (like the ones flown in Vietnam) with a red star painted on the side. (Quite obviously it would be hard to acquire a real Soviet helicopter, however, this is still a mistake.)

Correction: There are, and were in the past, American aircraft in Russia. I was surprised how many Cessnas I saw at an airport near Moscow. There are also Russian planes in the States. By their very nature, aircraft are all over the world, and have been for decades.

Given the time frame, this example could have been captured after the Vietnam war, and then passed to the Soviets.


Factual error: When they find the safe they find it is watertight, but a watertight safe at that depth would have imploded from the pressure.


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Trivia: At the board of inquiry into the sinking, the White Star Line vigorously suppressed witness accounts that the "unsinkable" ship broke in half and it became the official record that the ship went down in one piece instead of two. The entire plot of this film (and the bool) is based on that bit of "fake news." Other Titanic films made before the discovery of the wreck also continue this myth and don't show the ship's back breaking.

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