Superman II

Other mistake: When Clark and Lois are on their way to the diner, the wide shot of their car driving along looked very familiar. In fact, it was footage used in the first movie, where the car was used as part of Lex Luthor's "real-estate" plan and was run on remote control. If you look closely in part II, no one is driving the car yet you hear Clark say to Lois, "Hey, you seem pretty quiet over there...."

Other mistake: At the end of the film Superman puts the US flag back onto the Whitehouse. Whilst he is speaking to the President through the hole in the roof the flag can clearly be seen flying in the wind, but his cape is completely still.

Other mistake: When Ursa, Non and Zod first arrive on earth, watch out for the horrible lipstick marks on Ursa's teeth as they walk away from the lake.

Superman II mistake picture

Other mistake: In the long shot of the Niagara Falls scene, the kid's right arm is way too long.


Other mistake: The cab that slammed into Clark earlier in the film is seen coming around a corner during the confrontation. The amount of damage inflicted from running into the equivalent of a thick concrete pole should have rendered it inoperable, as the radiator was pushed back into the engine. Even if repaired, the front would have been repaired as well.

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Other mistake: As Lois goes to climb under the lift, the one support she climbs over is bowed down a bit, whereas the others are straight, as if there were more than one take done.

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