Superman II

Corrected entry: How does Lex know Superman and Lois are in a relationship? He wasn't around for any of their intimate moments and the only time he could know about the both of them was her interview with Sup in the first film. Other than that how does he know they are a couple?

Correction: He could be inferring from the tone of the article and the fact that Superman shows up to save Lois a lot, even flying to Paris to rescue her at the Eiffel Tower.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: As Clark leaves to get hot dogs and orange juice for Lois, there's a wide shot of the observation area, and the kid in the red and white striped shirt is nowhere to be seen. In the close up, the kid is suddenly fooling around on the railing.

Movie Nut

Correction: The kid's parents are in front of him, blocking the view of him playing on the rail from the wide shot.

Corrected entry: Superman takes the sewer lid off his tummy and faces the left side of the car. When the angle changes he's facing the back side of the car, 90° different to the position he was in the previous angle.

Correction: When he lands in the car on his back, you see him roll over (to his left) and get on his knees before the next shot, which is him on his knees facing the back of the car in the same position as the previous shot.


Corrected entry: Non is launched towards the Empire State with his back to it, in the close-up of him crashing against the antenna he's facing forwards.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: While he does go flying to the building with his back to it, he hits the antenna with his back. He never changes position or direction.


Corrected entry: In the Richard Donner Cut, in the scene where Lois shoots Clark in the hotel, Clark's hair keeps changing style between shots.


Correction: This scene is made using footage from several auditions. It was never intended to be a finished movie-scene but was used to help fans see how Richard Donner wanted Superman II to be like. That's the whole point of the Donner cut: Replacing the missing bits with outtakes, auditions and whatever scrap material is available as long as people have an idea of how the movie would have looked like had Donner [instead of Richard Lester] finished it.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: Marlon Brando was offered the opportunity to reprise his role as Jor-El from the first film, but he was unwilling to reprise his role for this film. As a result, we only see his hand at the beginning of Superman II, and we see only Superman's mom in the recap footage from Superman. Later in the movie, we only see Superman's mom in the crystal recordings for the same reason.

Correction: Marlon Brando had already shot all of his scenes for Superman II. Since Superman 1 & 2 were shot back to back, they had him do all his scenes at once because he was only available for a short amount of time. However, when Lester took over as director, the studio didn't want to pay Brando the high price to put those scenes in, so they were cut. The scenes were later put back in for the Richard Donner cut released on DVD.


Corrected entry: Shortly after landing on Earth Ursa picks up a snake which bites her. In obvious pain (since she has never seen a snake and therefore would not expect a snakebite to hurt) - she throws the snake to the ground and lights it on fire with her eyes. However, once on Earth Ursa has the same powers as Superman and since a snake could not hurt Superman, why can it hurt her?

Correction: Kryptonians derive their power from the rays of our yellow sun and Ursa hasn't been on Earth for very long. While certainly more powerful than an ordinary human, she hasn't quite reached full invulnerability at this point.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In Superman The Movie. Marlon Brando banished the three (Zod,Ursa,and Non) to the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile Kal-El is launched to earth. Why does Kal-El age roughly 5 years during his journey,and then 13 more as a teenager,then 12 more. The three Kryptonian prisoners didn't age.


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The properties of the phantom zone are never fully explained in the films. But dialogue in both films explains that the villains were sentenced "for all eternity." Which suggests that time has no meaning in the phantom zone... so they wouldn't age.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the street battle Superman throws Zod into the Coke sign, but it explodes before he even hits it.

Correction: The scene takes place so fast that it gives that feeling, but if you watch it in slo-mo you'll notice that Zod's leg touches the neon, which creates a small short circuit explosion that ends up affecting the whole sign, resulting in a bigger explosion.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: After Clark Kent learns about Zod in the diner and after he was beaten up by that guy in the diner, he realizes that he must get his powers back. So, he walks all the way from the diner to the Fortress of Solitude, a distance of several thousand miles. With no food, no water, no transportation, no money, and just a coat, he manages to walk through miles of snow, ice, and freezing cold to get to the Fortress of Solitude. How does he do this? I don't think any human being could pull this off, and at this stage that's just what he is.

Correction: It is never revealed where the Fortress of Solitude is or how far it is to the nearest town; it is obviously not "several thousand miles". They also don't show his preparation for the trip. He could have gotten as much food as he could carry from the diner and hitched a ride as far north as possible. If Clark and Lois can make it to the diner then Clark can obviously make it back.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene in East Houston, Idaho, when the three phantom zone criminals are terrorizing the small town, there are several vehicles that are seen as random vehicles about town. Specifically there is a white 1970 Mustang hardtop, a blue 71 Mustang hardtop, a white 71 Mustang fastback, a red 1972 LTD and a brown and gold two-tone 1970 Javelin. Each of these vehicles is then later seen in the 'Metropolis' street scene when Superman is fighting the three criminals. In addition, the red LTD looks suspiciously like the red LTD that Lois drove in the finale of the first 'Superman' movie.

Correction: All of these cars/colors were common in the time periods the movies take place in.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the H-bomb explodes in space, you can see the explosion happen behind the intact bomb, instead of originating from it.

Correction: No, we see the explosion begin on the opposite side of the elevator. Remember, we're not looking at the bomb, we're looking at the elevator car that holds the bomb.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Clark trips and falls into the fire, his hand is uninjured, thus revealing to Lois that he's Superman. But his normal, regular glasses fall in also, and they're not damaged at all.

Correction: I've done that (with the glasses, not the hand) and mine were just fine.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scenes where Superman is flying - if the camera(s) get too close to Superman (Christopher Reeve), you can actually see the strings which are holding him up in the air.

Correction: This is too vague. There are many flying scenes where wires aren't visible at all because a chroma was used. The trick is to point out where exactly you've seen them.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: When the 3 kryptonians leave the Moon, Non throws the 2 flags in the space module. Note that the gravity works normally when the flags fall, like it does on Earth.

Correction: That's because he's adding kinetic energy to the flags by throwing them.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Clark Kent is hit by a taxi cab when crossing the street. The taxi cab is severely damaged in the front, but Clark keeps walking across the street. Look at the damage made on the cab. Where's the damage on Clark's suit or pants? The material used in his working suit must have been as strong as the material used in his Superman suit.

Correction: It has been stated before that any object within several millimetres of Clark's skin is protected by his invulnerability. For the full article go here:

Corrected entry: When Superman is flying Lois Lane to his icy fortress, she has nothing but the clothes she is wearing. Later in that scene, she lifts a handbag and tells Superman she is going to change. Where did the bag come from?

Correction: Lois has the bag tucked under her left arm when she and Superman first land at the Fortress, so it was probably just obscured when she was holding onto Superman for the flight.


Corrected entry: Just after Lois grabs the branch in the river, she is upstream of the branch in one shot, and downstream the next. In these same two shots, the branch goes from being perpendicular to the water's flow to being parallel to it. (00:48:45)

Correction: Logs float in water, and are subject to move around quite a bit in water in a short amount of time, especially in such violent, rapid flowing water.


Corrected entry: Watch the yellow cab when Superman destroys the wall that Zod throws at him. It is already damaged from the falling debris before the wall touches it. Not to mention the wall blows up as if it had some type of combustible substance on it.

Correction: This is the cab that Clark damaged when it ran into him at the start of the film (see a previous correction). Superman's heat vision has all sorts of weird and wonderful effects on things.

Corrected entry: It seems strange that it is business as usual when there are so many explosions, let alone it is night time and everyone is wearing business attire.

Correction: Everyone is sticking around to watch Superman and the 3 Villains duke it out. Of course in a big city there will be people wearing business attire at that time of night. Furthermore, no-one at all is carrying on without noticing the explosions, everyone is panicked and running.

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