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Trivia: When Clark and Lois arrive at the diner, Superman I director (and part of II) Richard Donner is walking by. He was fired before filming ended and was replaced by Richard Lester, but his cameo made it to the final cut.

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Trivia: Some of Gene Hackman's scenes were actually filmed with a body double. That's because Gene Hackman quit before all of his scenes were shot.

Trivia: Richard Donner, the director of Superman, was originally hired to make Superman II. He had made over half of the movie before being fired. Richard Lester was hired to complete the film. So, Superman II contains footage from both the Richard Donner version and the Richard Lester version.

Trivia: Jack O'Halloran who played Non was a professional boxer between 1966 and 1974. He got as high a ranking as 5th in the world.

Trivia: John Ratzenburger appears in the first two Superman films, this time he's working for NASA, as opposed to a controller in the first film. A promotion from the Navy perhaps?

Trivia: Sarah Douglas was knocked unconscious by Margot Kidder during one take of the fight scene between Lois Lane and Ursa.

Trivia: In the original script, the nuclear missile that Superman pushed into space is what caused Zod, Ursa and Non to be released from the Phantom Zone. This scene was added to the Richard Donner cut and the entire bomb in Paris scene was deleted.

Trivia: Actor Jack O'Halloran who played Non had the idea that he should be a mute.

Trivia: Before signing on as director, Richard Lester had never heard of Superman.

Visible crew/equipment: In the town in Idaho when General Zod and his crew first visit, watch when the boy's father (elevated by Zod's finger) falls to the ground. You can see the pad under the dirt when he hits it.

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General Zod: I win. I always win. Is there no-one on this planet to even challenge me?

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