Flash Gordon

Other mistake: The scenes with Flash and Aura in the shuttle are a complete mess. She tells him that the left lever controls direction, the right controls the altitude. When they are passing the planet Aquarius, she tells him to take a left turn over Fridgia. A) They are passing Aquarius at the time, not Fridgia. B) He moves the right lever instead of the left lever. C) The craft doesn't change direction or altitude and even if it had moved left as supposed to, they would have ended up crashing into Aquarius. The scene when Flash wants to talk to Dale is even worse. He pulls down the left lever to dive into Fridgia. It is the wrong lever. Then when he pulls back up, he correctly uses his right hand, but the right lever is already in the up position as seen in the previous shot. (00:42:15)

Other mistake: During the battle for War Rocket Ajax, an Imperial soldier is shot by a Hawkman, but falls down after he should have done. (01:29:05)

Other mistake: When Flash and Vultan are watching the battle unfold on War Rocket Ajax, the rocket is seen moving forwards, with engines flaring, even though the captain has given the order for the engines to be stopped. (01:29:00)

Other mistake: When Hans Zarkov is having his mind scanned we see tons of images flash by. The one for "Space scientist fired" is several paragraphs long but only the first one was about Hans. The rest is about a leash law in Wellesley, MA.


Continuity mistake: The egg timer in the jail is about to run out, but when Dale runs over to it and tries to turn it over, there is more sand in it than before.

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Dale Arden: I'm a New York City girl. It's a little too quiet around here for me.

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Trivia: Max von Sydow's costume for the Emperor Ming weighed over 70 pounds and he could only stand in it for a few minutes at a time.

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Question: What exactly was the enormous creature that came out of the ground and attacked Flash in the forest?

Answer: Spider.

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