Coal Miner's Daughter

Other mistake: When Doolittle is running his jeep up the muddy hill near the beginning, the landscape changes. The hill is a straight 40° angle, but in the close shots behind the wheel, it changes to a steep 80° which no vehicle could realistically terrain, except perhaps an army tank. And he stalls out several times and has to back up, which would not happen at the 80* steep. Then he miraculously makes it over the top.


Factual error: When Loretta and Patsy return from shopping, and Doolittle gets mad about the makeup Loretta is wearing, look closely after they leave Doolittle and you will see a 1965 LeMans among the parked cars. Patsy Cline died in 1963.

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Ted Webb: I ain't ever gonna see you again.
Loretta Lynn: Yes you will, daddy.
Ted Webb: Maybe, but I ain't never gonna see my little girl again.

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Trivia: There is a scene in which Loretta is on the porch playing guitar, and kicks the washing machine. In her book 'Still Women Enough', the real Loretta explains that they did not have electricity at that house, let alone a washing machine.


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