Coal Miner's Daughter

Corrected entry: Both Sissy Spacek and Beverly d'Angelo did all their own singing.


Correction: In the credits, at the end of the movie, it sites that only Sissy Spacek did her own singing.

Corrected entry: When Loretta Lynn discovers she is pregnant (twins) and tells Patsy Cline, she says she hasn't hasn't had a baby since she was fourteen. Considering she had four other children before the twins, that would mean she must have been 8 when she had her first child. A bit confusing when she didn't get married to Dolittle Lynn until she was 14 and that was when she fell pregnant the first time.

Correction: Loretta tells Patsy that "she's been having babies since she was 14" not that "she hasn't hasn't had a baby since she was fourteen."

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