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Charade picture

Reggie Lampert: I already know an awful lot of people, and until one of them dies I couldn't possibly meet anyone else.
Peter Joshua: Well, if anyone goes on the critical list, let me know.

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The Great Escape picture

Col. Von Luger: Group Captain Ramsey, in the past four years the Reich has been forced to spend an enormous amount of time, energy, manpower and equipment hunting down prisoner of war officers.
Group Capt. Ramsey: At least it's rather nice to know you're wanted, isn't it?

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The Pink Panther picture

[Sir Charles Lytton kisses Princess Dala.]
Princess Dala: If I were my father, I'd have you tortured.
Sir Charles Lytton: No. If you were your father, I doubt very much if I would have kissed you.

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The Birds picture

Melanie Daniels: They're coming! They're coming.

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Cleopatra picture

Julius Caesar: Ah, yes. I seem to recall some mention of an obsession you have about your divinity... Isis, is it not?
Cleopatra: I shall have to insist that you mind what you say. I AM Isis. I am worshipped by millions who believe it. You are not to confuse what I am with the so-called divine origin which every Roman general seems to acquire together with his shield. It was, uh, Venus you chose to be descended from, wasn't it?

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From Russia With Love picture

James Bond: How about a cigarette?
Donald 'Red' Grant: Not a chance.
James Bond: I'll pay for it.
Donald 'Red' Grant: What with?
James Bond: Fifty gold sovereigns.

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World picture

Ding Bell: Hey. It's that hokey dentist.
Benjy Benjamin: Yeah.
Ding Bell: Pass that cab.
Second cab driver: What's the rush?
Ding Bell: What do you mean rush?
Benjy Benjamin: We ain't in any rush, we just wanna get there in a hurry.

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Bye Bye Birdie picture

Doris McAfee: Randolph, your father's warned you. If you make another bomb, you'll get spanked.

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Jason and the Argonauts picture

Jason: The gods want their entertainment.
Zeus: Jason goes too far.
Hera: Because he speaks the truth when the gods themselves go too far?

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I Could Go On Singing picture

Jenny Bowman: You think you can make me sing? Do you think you can - do you think George can make me sing? or Ida? You can get me there, sure, but can you make me sing? I sing for myself. I sing when I want to, whenever I want to, just for me. I sing for my own pleasure. Whenever I want - do you under stand that?

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The Sword in the Stone picture

Archimedes the Owl: What-what-what? Wht-wht-what's up, boy? What's going on?
Arthur: They're having a Wizard's Duel. What's that mean?
Archimedes the Owl: Oh, it's a battle of wits. The players change themselves to different things in an attempt to, uh... to... destroy one another.
Arthur: D-d-des-destroy?
Archimedes the Owl: Well just watch, boy. Just watch. You'll get the idea.

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The Haunting picture

Luke Sanderson: Doc, I'll let you have the house cheap.

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McLintock! picture

George Washington McLintock: I've got a touch of hangover, bureaucrat. Don't push me.

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Hud picture

Lonnie Bannon: It's a lonely old night isn't it?
Hud Bannon: Ain't they all?

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Irma la Douce picture

Irma La Douce: Who wants to be a stray dog? You got to belong to someone, even if he kicks you once in a while.

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The Raven picture

Dr. Craven: Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, / Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. / While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, / As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door./ "'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door. / Only this and nothing more."

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The Prize picture

Count Bertil Jacobsson: Can you smile, Mr. Craig?
Andrew Craig: Yes, if you say something funny.

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Summer Holiday picture

Angie: Do you call everybody Charlie?
Steve: Only the people I like.

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Carry On Cabby picture

Terry 'Pintpot' Tankard: Are you the boss or something?
Ted Watson: I'm what they call the something manager. My advice to you is to be off.
Terry 'Pintpot' Tankard: You mean buzz off?
Ted Watson: No, but you're getting warm.

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Lilies Of The Field picture

Homer Smith: I'm gonna' build me a chapel.

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