Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie (1963)


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Harry McAfee: The next time I have a daughter, I hope it's a boy.


Doris McAfee: Randolph, your father's warned you. If you make another bomb, you'll get spanked.

Rose DeLeon: Well we could sure use the money. Any day now we'll have another mouth to feed.
Ed Sullivan: Rosie, you're not even married.
Rose DeLeon: His mother.

Mae Peterson: Now, don't try to pay me back, son. I forgive you. So what if you're an ingrate? So long as you're happy.
Albert Peterson: I don't wanna be happy.

Doris McAfee: You know these adolescents! Kim'll lose face.
Harry McAfee: And if I don't get him out that's not all she'll.

Rose DeLeon: I must be the prized dope of all-time... thinking I could pry you away from your mama's ever-lovin' tentacles.

Visible crew/equipment: In the fainting scene you can see in the background on the roofs and in the windows a number of people just watching the shooting being done on the back lot. It is very noticeable in the last wide pull back shot.

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Trivia: This was 20 year old singer Bobby Rydell's movie debut. He admitted later that the film turned him off from working in films, and he did not like working with Ann-Margret at all. He would not do another film until 1975.

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