Bye Bye Birdie

Trivia: This was 20 year old singer Bobby Rydell's movie debut. He admitted later that the film turned him off from working in films, and he did not like working with Ann-Margret at all. He would not do another film until 1975.


Trivia: This was the first film that Ann-Margret got "paid" for She had done two films before but was still under the law a minor. She turned 21 just before the shooting began.


Trivia: Dick Van Dyke and Paul Lynde were the only members of the original 1960 Broadway cast to do the film.


Trivia: The famous fainting scene was filmed over a two days of filming. If you look close clothing on some of the extras changes during the scene.


Trivia: Maureen Stapleton plays Dick Van Dyke's mother in the movie, even though in real life she's only six months older than him.

Factual error: After Albert feeds the pill to the turtle, you see a close up of its eyes, which are blue. Turtles only have either brown or red eyes, not blue.

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Doris McAfee: Randolph, your father's warned you. If you make another bomb, you'll get spanked.

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