Jason and the Argonauts
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Hercules: If I meet a girl with a firm leg, a full bosom and a warm heart, let no man try and stop me.

Argos: Pray to the gods, Jason.
Jason: The gods of Greece are cruel! In time, all men shall learn to live without them.

Zeus: If I had to punish every blasphemy, I would have no followers.

King Aeetes: Rise up, you dead, slain of the hydra. Rise from your graves and avenge us. Those who steal the Golden Fleece must die.

Zeus: Hera my dear, You really must learn to win without cheating... or to at least lose gracefully.

King Aeetes: Hecate, Queen of Darkness, revenge yourself against the Thessalians. Deliver to me the children of the hydra's teeth, the children of the night.

Medea: The goddess Hecate has spoken. There will be one among us today from the ends of the world. His name is Jason. Any man of whom he asks his way shall say this: Aeetes, king of Colchis, awaits him in the temple of Hecate. And that is all any man shall say to him.

Jason: We reach land at noon. Then you can fill your bellies until they grumble as much as your tongues.

Phineas: But tell me, what gods protect you?
Jason: None now.
Phineas: You won't pass the Clashing Rocks.

Jason: The gods want their entertainment.
Zeus: Jason goes too far.
Hera: Because he speaks the truth when the gods themselves go too far?

Revealing mistake: After Jason's fight with Acastus, when Medea is telling Jason of the flower which can heal his wound, if you look past Medea you can see a mountain in the distance. On top of the mountain you can see a lighted building of some sort that appears to be a modern structure. (01:15:05)

Eric Siegel

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