Jason and the Argonauts

Continuity mistake: When they arrive on the island of Talos, the bronze giant, Hercules and Hylus find the statues atop huge plinths. In close up, they are looking up at the statue of Talos, then in a wide shot they start to walk towards it across bare rocks, then in close up they are back where they were with plants behind them.

Continuity mistake: When Jason and the Argonauts pass through the clashing rocks, the necklace of Poseidon around Jason's neck changes from shot to shot, sometimes it's not there, sometimes it's tighter around his neck, other times it's a long necklace.

Revealing mistake: After Jason's fight with Acastus, when Medea is telling Jason of the flower which can heal his wound, if you look past Medea you can see a mountain in the distance. On top of the mountain you can see a lighted building of some sort that appears to be a modern structure. (01:15:05)

Eric Siegel
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Argos: Pray to the gods, Jason.
Jason: The gods of Greece are cruel! In time, all men shall learn to live without them.

Zeus: Hera my dear, You really must learn to win without cheating... or to at least lose gracefully.

King Aeetes: Hecate, Queen of Darkness, revenge yourself against the Thessalians. Deliver to me the children of the hydra's teeth, the children of the night.

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