Jason and the Argonauts

Corrected entry: Throughout the film the character "Herakles" is referred to in his Roman form as "Hercules". As the majority of the people in the story are Greek and the story is from Ancient Greece, it is woefully inaccurate to be using the Roman pronunciation and spelling.

David Mercier

Correction: In fact it is 'woefully inaccurate' to have the characters speaking English, but shooting the film in ancient Greek would have meant nobody understood a word they said. 'Hercules' is a well known name to English speaking audiences, and that's what the filmakers used.

Corrected entry: After Talos shipwrecks the Argonauts, Jason is floating with the figurehead of Hera. She tells him to look at Talos' ankles to find a weakness. The weakness is in fact a huge valve on the back of one of his heels, not ankles, as we later see.


Correction: Hera actually says to Jason (referring to Talos) "look to his ankles" and not look at his ankles, Hera meant this as a general, rather than a specific remark to Jason.


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