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13 Sins picture

Factual error: The corpse's head in the cafe changes position between shots. (00:34:00 - 00:35:00)


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Scream 2 picture

Factual error: The movie theater ticker says it's Monday, April 12th, 1997 - but the 12th was on a Saturday. (00:00:20)

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Day of the Dead picture

Factual error: All the soldiers that have rolled up sleeves have them rolled up Marine style (with the inside of the sleeve showing) despite being US Army.

Grumpy Scot

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The Human Centipede picture

Factual error: During the surgical operation, Dr. Heiter makes incisions on the buttocks for the triangular flaps of connecting flesh; but the flaps are pointing outward, rather than inward. The only way to graft the buttock flesh to the face of the next subject would be with the buttock incisions pointing inward.

Charles Austin Miller

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Valentine picture

Factual error: Ruthie gets impaled on a jagged shard of glass from a modern shower door, but shower doors are made of safety glass (since 1977) - when they break they don't leave sharp knife-like shards, only tiny pieces.

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Jaws 2 picture

Factual error: The "Cable Junction" in the movie is a transformer junction station built on a rock pile however when you look at it there is no algae or barnacles anywhere on the rocks. This is impossible because algae and barnacles thrive on rocks in sea water.

Leonard Hassen

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Saw III picture

Factual error: Troy has several chains attached to his body, of which two are attached to his Achilles tendons. This is the structure of the leg that allows you to stand and move, so as soon as he ripped them out, he would have fallen over and been unable to walk.

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The Hitcher picture

Factual error: Towards the last scene, Howell and Hauer share the same shotgun (Ryder to take pop shots at Jim in the jeep, Jim to ultimately fire three shots to kill Ryder). The shotgun used can hold at most seven or eight shells, not the 12 or more that are fired between Ryder and Jim starting from when Ryder escaped the bus.

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Urban Legends: Final Cut picture

Factual error: When the girl with no kidney is decapitated, there's not nearly enough glass left in the window to take her head clean off while leaving it in the fixture.


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The Amityville Horror picture

Factual error: After George and Kathy leave the Doctor's office they drive through town. When they are talking in the car there is a shot where, next to George's face, you can see the sign of the town hall where the scene was filmed, 'Village of Antioch' in Antioch, Illinois. (00:46:00)

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Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms picture

Factual error: When Liz and Abe's plane crashes, it sinks far too quickly to be realistic. Also, from the sheer amount of force the plane hit the water with, both should easily have died. Obviously done for dramatic effect, but still a mistake.

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An American Werewolf in London picture

Factual error: Though it's set in England, hospital personnel use American terms like "charts" and "orderly". In any British hospital these should be "case notes" and "porter", respectively .

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Wolf Creek picture

Factual error: We see a solar eclipse take place, yet we also see numerous shots of the moon in which is at least half-full. Some of these lunar shots must be within a couple of days of the eclipse, though it couldn't take less than 7 days for the phase of the moon to change that much.

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Rosemary's Baby picture

Factual error: Rosemary calls Dr. Hill from a pay phone and says, "The baby's due on Tuesday, you remember you told me June 28th" (and June 28th 1966 does fall on a Tuesday). In the previous scene in Dr. Sapirstein's office his receptionist is making an appointment "next week" for a patient and that date is "July 10th" indicating that if Rosemary is due on June 28th (which she says is next Tuesday) the dates do not match and it must still be the week of June 20th which is at least two weeks before July 10th. (01:44:45)


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King of the Ants picture

Factual error: Sean is tailing his victim, taking photos with an old Polaroid camera (the kind that prints instant photos). In one scene, he is sitting on a bench and takes several shots. When he shows these pictures later, some are zoomed in on the subjects, when it would not be possible to zoom with this camera. He would have had to get up and walk toward them, thus giving himself away.


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King Kong picture

Factual error: There are just a couple of things wrong about the gas grenades used in the movie: gas grenades do not explode, they spray their contents; and second: if the gas really is that powerful, it should be used with more caution; a simple sudden downwind breeze into an uncontrollable gas cloud, and the users would become their own victims.

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Shark Zone picture

Factual error: Throughout the film, most of the characters talk clearly underwater with the SCUBA mouthpieces in their mouths, which is impossible.

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The Ring Two picture

Factual error: The Daily Astorian office where Rachel works has the Columbia River in the background, however the real Daily Astorian office is located well off the waterfront. (00:10:15)

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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins picture

Factual error: In the scene where the people of Rejection/Perfection are preparing to fight the Dirt Dragons, Hereim loads the Punt Gun and puts a little gold piece in it (a percussion cap, containing a small amount of gunpowder used to set off the main charge in the barrel). He shoots at the Dragon when it pops up and misses. The next time he loads the gun, he does not replace the percussion cap (which can only be used once), yet he is still able to fire the gun with no problem and kill the Dirt Dragon.

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