Best horror movie factual errors of 2004

Alien Vs. Predator picture

Factual error: When they're first entering the whaling camp, a penguin startles Miller. That penguin was a black-footed penguin, which is a bird native to much warmer climates. If that little guy had actually been in Antarctica, he would have died within minutes. (00:20:40)

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid picture

Factual error: After the scene where they fall over the waterfall, and go through what they have left of the equipment. Bill, the Latino doctor, holds up the CD-reader from a desktop computer and says that the hard drive is broken, which would be OK if he actually had the hard drive present. (00:34:35)


Saw (2004)

Saw picture

Factual error: The Swedish subtitlers made Amanda's situation even more tragic, incorrectly translating her dead cellmate as her dead soulmate.

Secret Window picture

Factual error: When Amy tries to escape from Mort in her car, there is a shot showing her feet trying to hit the right pedals to get the car moving. Her car is a SAAB 9-3, but the shot from the footwell of the car is not a SAAB.

Seed of Chucky picture

Factual error: When the babies are born, there are no umbilical cords.

Mindhunters picture

Factual error: When J.D. gets killed, Vince's leg shakes. Vince is suppose to be paralyzed. Even if he was extremely scared, his leg shouldn't have been able to move no matter how much he tried. It happens again later in the movie. (00:30:55)

Dawn of the Dead picture

Factual error: When the survivors are first in the mall, you can see a store called Roots with a Canadian beaver logo. While the movie was filmed in Canada, it is supposed to take place in the USA where Roots has a different logo. (00:17:05)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse picture

Factual error: When any character's automatic pistol runs out of bullets, the slide doesn't lock open. All the weapons shown are of a type which should.

Grumpy Scot
Taking Lives picture

Factual error: A new Impala has a passenger side airbag and Ethan surely wouldn't have taken the time to disable it. (01:12:40)

Exorcist: The Beginning picture

Factual error: In the very beginning of the film, the priest is walking through a battlefield that contains the bodies of Roman soldiers (they are wearing distinctive Roman uniforms and armor), which dates the battle no later than 6th century AD. He is holding a rosary in his hand, but the rosary wasn't introduced into the Catholic Church until the 13th century.

Snakehead Terror picture

Factual error: In the scene when the kids are on the boat hunting the snakeheads, Amber fires at least eight shots from a six shot, snub-nose revolver. Her friend then grabs the gun and fires two more shots from it.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
Van Helsing picture

Factual error: When Van Helsing goes to Rome, the subtitle refers to the Vatican as "Vatican City". By the 1880's the Pope had lost all his temporal power, and his previous lands (The Papal States) were taken by the new Italy. The Vatican had no lands or authority over any of Italy or Rome. The Pope was a virtual prisoner inside the Vatican. Only with the Lateran treaty in 1929 (with Mussolini) did the Vatican gain independence as the "State of Vatican City". (00:13:10)

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation picture

Factual error: During the mess hall fight between the Sergeant and Horton, the Sergeant cuts the private's head with a cleaver and raises it "to show us". Horton's head is heard breathing and the breathing sounds react to the bug coming out of the head's mouth. I know the parasite bug makes the host's body quite resilient, but wouldn't the head still needs lungs to produce breathing sounds of that kind?

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins picture

Factual error: In the scene where the people of Rejection/Perfection are preparing to fight the Dirt Dragons, Hereim loads the Punt Gun and puts a little gold piece in it (a percussion cap, containing a small amount of gunpowder used to set off the main charge in the barrel). He shoots at the Dragon when it pops up and misses. The next time he loads the gun, he does not replace the percussion cap (which can only be used once), yet he is still able to fire the gun with no problem and kill the Dirt Dragon.


Trauma (2004)

Trauma picture

Factual error: A murder investigation would not be handled by a Detective Constable (he says he's in charge). Detective Chief Inspector is the usual minimum rank for a senior investigating officer, and such a high profile murder investigation is likely to be under a higher ranking senior officer.

Blade: Trinity picture

Factual error: When Blade notices the piece of Dracula's armour in the Nightstalkers' headquarters he's shown an image of what the full armour looks like. It'd be impossible to extrapolate a full suit of armour from such a small piece.

Shaun of the Dead picture

Factual error: The records that Shaun and Ed throw at the zombies in their garden shatter when they hit the wall. Only old fashioned 'shellac' records shatter like this -yet all the records were titles released after the introduction of "indestructible" flexible plastic records.


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