Corrected entry: At the scene where JD dies frozen, we see on one side of the bottle "Helium He", but when they show the other side it say "liquid nitrogen military use only". (00:31:40)


Correction: That's the point. It's really liquid nitrogen but labelled helium as a decoy.

Corrected entry: When Vince and Gabe are minutes away from being electrocuted, Vince throws his gun to Gabe to shoot the chains on the handcuffs off. However, Vince's gun was rigged during the coffee break. So when Gabe tried to shoot the handcuffs off, then the gun would have backfired like later in the movie.

Correction: Who is to say when the gun was rigged? When they did the DNA analysis they all put their guns down, and he used a magazine (not clip for those Hollywood types) that was in the morgue freezer.

Corrected entry: When the team collects itself after the boat explosion, Bobby says of Harris "Say what you like, but Harris is a Company man." CIA agents, not "Mindhunters" FBI agents, refer to their employer as "The Company".

Correction: Being a "company" man, non-capitalized, is just a way of saying a person is loyal to who he works for. This situation does not necessarily mean he is describing being a mindhunter, just that Harris will follow his employer's instructions or gudelines, possibly to the detriment of himself or others around him. It doesn't necessarily mean "the Company" being the CIA, or even referring to the FBI, either. Anyone can be a company man in the generic sense.

Corrected entry: The helicopter used to transport the agents to the island is German registered. You can read the registration, D-HAFV, when they board. Since the movie takes place in the US, a German registered helicopter looks very out of place.

Correction: Since the island was secretly run by the Navy and leased once a weekend to the FBI for its top profilers, having a German helicopter (or any foreign machinery) is not out of the ordinary.

Corrected entry: When Sara finds Vince in the elevator, the main blood splatter is at least two feet above where it should be, since he was sitting when the gun blew up in his face. (01:25:10)

Correction: You can't tell how he was sitting when he shot because you never see him fire, you only hear a bang. Maybe he leaned forward before shooting, which would put his head at the correct level.

Corrected entry: Before supposedly leaving the island, Val Kilmer tells his recruits something like, "There will be another guy around here, a puppeteer. Find him." Then there are puppeteer related killings, which are done by one of the recruits. But how did the killer know for sure there would be anything related to a puppeteer on that island, to stage all those "puppets" hanging around? How did he know the place so well, if it was a "secret" place for Navy Seals' training? And how could he have prepared the domino stunt and all the other tricks without anybody noticing?

Correction: There was time for the killer to accomplish all the set-up during the night their first night on the island. This is when he would have killed the people in the hidden room, explored the island, rigged the boat, hung the cat, and set up about a thousand dominos. Improbable, sure, but not impossible. And whatever he didn't set up during the night, he had time to accomplish during the "coffee break" the next day.

Continuity mistake: When Vince leaves the freezer and is making his way onto the elevator, he is carrying a Baretta model pistol. When he shoots as the elevator doors are closing the camera cuts to a Glock model pistol, then back to the Baretta again. When the elevator reaches the upper level, the woman picks up the remains of the backfired pistol and it is back to the Glock. (01:21:15 - 01:24:30)

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Gabe: The island. The middle of nowhere. They're all professionals. What's the point?
Harris: The point is that they're isolated, alone, and forgotten. That's what it's like to be in the mind of a sociopath.

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Trivia: The book lying on the pool table that LL Cool J taps has as two of its' authors John Douglas and Robert Ressler, two world renowned serial killer profilers.

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