Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Factual error: After the scene where they fall over the waterfall, and go through what they have left of the equipment. Bill, the Latino doctor, holds up the CD-reader from a desktop computer and says that the hard drive is broken, which would be OK if he actually had the hard drive present. (00:34:35)

Factual error: Crocodiles do not hunt by smelling blood like sharks do. They have keen eyesight and would also be attracted by the splashing water.

Continuity mistake: After the scene where the first Umbrella Corp. employee gets eaten, the rest are discussing what just occurred. All their clothes appear to be dry. They just scrambled to get out of the river and should all be soaking wet.

Audio problem: Just after the captain of the other boat (Bill's friend) breaks the bottle, and looks over the side, you hear a voice say "What the hell was that" although the guy's mouth doesn't move, also the voice sounds more like Bill's low voice than this guy's Australian-sounding accent.

Continuity mistake: When Cole is lost in that underground cave, first he has a silver torch with a handle, and then when he meets Tran he has a thick chunky one, then it changes back to the silver one.

Revealing mistake: When Bill sets the tribe's hut on fire, everything lights up instantly and within moments the whole thing is alight, although it takes longer than that for a whole hut that size to set in flames.

Continuity mistake: The woman who falls off the boat is pulled underwater by the crocodile. When she is rescued, there are no signs of bite marks or any other trauma.

Factual error: The opening scenes - set on the Indonesian island of Borneo - show Macaws flying around, which are found only in Central and South America. There are other parrots found in Indonesia, but they do not even resemble Macaws.


Factual error: The movie is located on Borneo and the hunters at the beginning of the movie are hunting a tiger. Though there are tigers in Indonesia there are no tigers on Borneo.

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Question: Early in this movie while still in the USA, Gail says she can't support the research that the blood orchid flower can be used to renew youth for humans, which would make that flower the fountain of youth. Why can she not support the valid scientific research?

Athletic Jason

Answer: I interpreted it as "I can't support this claim the chemical will extend cell life" because she already said it was impossible. However, the way the line sounded when delivered off screen makes it seem like it was dubbed over different dialog. So someone may not have like what was initially said and had this in as a foreshadowing of her objections later in the film, or it was just a throw away line.


Nothing was stopping her from saying that before they left the United States so that is awful writing. She had no valid reason to think or expect that saying "I can't support this" would change the President and other persons minds after they saw a great presentation with images along with science research to substantiate the claim that the blood orchid flower could renew human youth like a fountain of youth. I assume by objections you mean she didn't want to continue to go through with the expedition after Ben was killed by a giant anaconda, also she gave some answer about evidence not being valid.

Athletic Jason

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