Best horror movie factual errors of 2003

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre picture

Factual error: This movie states that it is during the year 1973, yet in the beginning of the movie when they are driving in the van they are listening to "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This song was not released publicly until 1974. (00:03:10)


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Jeepers Creepers 2 picture

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, it states that every 23rd Spring, for 23 days it eats. I am no farmer, but isn't there that saying KNEE HIGH BY FORTH OF JULY? From the looks of that corn, it looks like it is October or even November...Definately NOT SPRING in TEXAS.

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Underworld picture

Factual error: Every time the silver nitrate is shown on clothing, it is shown as silver. Silver nitrate in fact is black once exposed to light.

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Final Destination 2 picture

Factual error: In the final scene where the gas grill blows up, the arm that falls to the table in front of the mother is not from a teenager - it is nearly twice as large as the young man's arms (as previously seen in multiple scenes). Some people say it's a leg, but if that's so it's a bit odd having fingers on the right side of it... (01:25:11)

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Vlad picture

Factual error: How can a gun being *thrown at* a car window (as Adrian did with the thug's gun in the car chase sequence) possibly shatter the glass? No shots fired, no full body weight being thrown - just the gun.


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The Sin Eater picture

Factual error: There is one scene in the movie where Heath Ledger reads a Latin sentence in a book. As he is translating the sentence, he goes over the words one by one with his finger. This would never be possible in a Latin sentence, because words in Latin are never - I repeat: never - in exactly the same order as in English. Words that actually belong together can be placed on opposite ends of a sentence.

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Darkness Falls picture

Factual error: The Sensory Deprivation Tank used in the film is an MRI machine. It has no doors and makes far too much noise to allow for sensory deprivation. (00:47:15)

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Undead picture

Factual error: Unless Marion has a ridiculously large front room, the guns should have come down as he was blasting the zombie with the shotgun.

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Willard picture

Factual error: The Mercedes S55 AMG is not 350 hp, nor is it a $90,000 vehicle. It cranks out 493 hp and starts at $107,220. (00:21:50)

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King of the Ants picture

Factual error: Sean is tailing his victim, taking photos with an old Polaroid camera (the kind that prints instant photos). In one scene, he is sitting on a bench and takes several shots. When he shows these pictures later, some are zoomed in on the subjects, when it would not be possible to zoom with this camera. He would have had to get up and walk toward them, thus giving himself away.


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Shark Zone picture

Factual error: Throughout the film, most of the characters talk clearly underwater with the SCUBA mouthpieces in their mouths, which is impossible.

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Dreamcatcher picture

Factual error: In the scene at the beginning, where Jonesy is in back of the ambulance after being hit by the car while crossing the road, they show the paramedics shocking him with the defibrillator. After the first shock, one of the medics says that Jonesy is still flatline and says to hit him again. This would not normally happen because you don't defibrillate in an Asystole rhythm (flatline).

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The House of the Dead picture

Factual error: When the zombies are about to over-run the house, one of the ravers sacrifices himself by shooting a keg of gunpowder to blow up the building. The problem is that gunpowder is not an impact explosive, you could shoot that keg all day and all it would do is put holes in it. Just shooting it would not cause an explosion.

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Identity picture

Factual error: The prisoner is described as carrying an "Axis IV Dissociative Disorder"; that is complete nonsense - dissociative disorders are placed on Axis I in psychiatric diagnoses (Axis I is clinically treatable disorders; Axis II is mental retardation/personality disorders; Axis III is concomitant health problems (e.g., hypertension, diabetes mellitus, CABG, etc.); Axis IV is a list of psychosocial stressors and their severity (e.g., "Moderate - Health problems, financial problems"); Axis V is the GAF score (Global Assessment of Function, scored from 0 - 100). *Any* clinical professional with psychiatric experience would put dissociative disorder on Axis I except for the psychiatrist in the film, who apparently doesn't know any better. (00:54:00)

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Gacy picture

Factual error: The movie takes place in Des Plaines, Illinois, with a couple of scenes from downtown Chicago. However, throughout the movie you can see both palm trees and mountains in the background, none of which actually exist in Illinois. The producers also point this out on the DVD commentary.


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Flight to Hell picture

Factual error: When Don records the flight log, he says that they have been in the storm for 5 hours. That does not seem to match the timing of the events in the movie, but on top of that, it's a Vegas-Phoenix flight. That's a 250 miles distance that would take little more than one hour. (01:07:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Wrong Turn picture

Factual error: When the fearless trio get into the watchtower, the windows are absolutely spotless. It is very unrealistic that they would be that clean.

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House of 1000 Corpses picture

Factual error: The movie takes place in the 70's, but Sheriff Wydell's truck is a 1981 or newer. The front grill was used from 1981 to mid 80's.

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