Dreamcatcher (2003)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where young Jonesy, Beaver, Duddits, Henry and Pete are trying to find Josie they all place their hands on Duddit's shoulders and do the "psychic link" thing. Henry and Pete have tears on their faces, which they wipe away pretty quickly, then Duddits turns to Pete and he still has tears on his face.

Revealing mistake: When Morgan Freeman is about to take off in the helicopter to chase after the other two chasing Mr. Grey, one of the soldiers who is running to try stop him runs over a small pile of snow. The snow has a very unusual springing nature, obviously the springboard for the stunt, then as a result the soldier falls over.

Factual error: In the scene at the beginning, where Jonesy is in back of the ambulance after being hit by the car while crossing the road, they show the paramedics shocking him with the defibrillator. After the first shock, one of the medics says that Jonesy is still flatline and says to hit him again. This would not normally happen because you don't defibrillate in an Asystole rhythm (flatline).

Visible crew/equipment: When Henry is leaving the store before the storm he opens his door to his jeep/truck. You can see someone's feet on a ladder reflected in the window. The ladder isn't there when he pulls away.

Continuity mistake: This is in the scene when all four guys are eating dinner at the table at Hole in the Wall. When all the guys are discussing the memory warehouse and Beaver doesn't remember what it is, he says, "What's the memory warehouse?" As he says this, he puts the beer bottle up to his lips and is drinking while Pete says, "You don't remember the memory warehouse?" Beaver is taking a long sip of beer. In the next shot, Beaver's hands are folded on the table, with no beer bottle near him. There is no shot or any way in which he puts the bottle down.

Continuity mistake: When the vehicle flips over, the headlights are on and off alternately.

Joe 'Beaver' Clarendon: Here's to Duddits... our dreamcatcher. Wish he was here.
Pete Moore: To the Duds.
Dr. Henry Devlin: To Douglas Cavell.
Gary 'Jonesy' Jones: To Duddits.

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Question: What does SSDD mean? It was written on the door in Jonesey's memory warehouse and written in the phone booth.

Answer: It stands for Same Shit, Different Day.

T Poston

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