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Corrected entry: The whole movie is a "collage" of other movies' moments (or if you want, full of references or "tributes" to other movies), like Alien (breed & birth of the worms), MIB ("we're-here-to-protect-Earth-from-the-scum-of-the-universe" thing; giant alien bug inside of normal size human), Carpenter's The Thing (humans "infected" by aliens; alien growing inside of dogs; crash landing of alien ship in ice), Outbreak (let's nuke this town because it's infected), Stand By Me (four boys walking in railroad tracks), The Green Mile ('evil' in the form of dust particles) and many others, plus the blatant references to E.T. and Scooby-Doo.

Correction: Its not a collage of anything, the movie is actually a book written by Stephen King. Where it is actually called The Ripley i.e Aliens or the E.T.s i.e. ET. This is all out of the book.

Corrected entry: When Pete and Henry find the woman why did they insist on making her talk to them? Why didn't they just read her mind? It would have saved Pete a punch in the nads.


Correction: They can't read minds. The group is tuned in mainly to each other. The virus gives normal people the ability to communicate telepathically, so when Henry gets infected this ability is intensified.

Corrected entry: That woman's car keys were fully submerged in a puddle for about 15 minutes. Why did the battery operated remote car door lock/unlocker that were attached to the key ring still work?

Correction: My wife has accidently run her car keys, complete with keyless entry, through the laundry several times and it works just fine.

Corrected entry: Concerning the scene where the big lost guy makes his way to Hole in the Wall. He belches, then explains he "ate some berries in the dark". What kind of berries grow in Maine in the middle of winter? Frozen blueberries? (00:30:10)

Correction: The book goes into more detail about it. Basically, the guy is lost, confused, and he ate something that he *thought* was some berries, but was probably a strange growth of Ripley/byrus.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: As Duddits's mom is packing his Scooby-Doo lunch box for the his final trip, she says "Henry is so excited." Henry is the name of the person she's talking to - her son's name is Douglas.

Correction: She said "Henry, he's so excited".

Corrected entry: When Jonesy, under control of Mr. Gray, is driving the truck, you can see a sign with "Derry" beside the street. "Derry" is a town that appears very often in the books of Stephen King, for example "It."

Correction: That sign isn't trivia, it's part of the plot,as is the reference to Derry on Josie Rinkenhauer's missing child poster, and every other reference to Derry in this movie. Much of Dreamcatcher actually takes place in Derry - that's where Duddits and the other four boys grew up, that's where the grown-up Duddits still lives, and that's where Henry and Owen go to pick Duddits up. That sign isn't a cute but unnecessary reference to Stephen King's other books, it's an important part of this story.

Corrected entry: When Henry and Otto go to get Duds, his "mom" says he has leukemia. Isn't it odd that a doctor can find leukemia but not tell that he is really an alien in an assumed shape? Is his "mom" an alien in disguise too? Some say he's not an alien, but in the final scene he sheds his human form and resumes his true form, then he envelopes the other alien and self destructs himself and the other alien.


Correction: It is never stated that a "doctor" found Leukemia, she just says he has it. Most likely she is protecting Duds because a man she has never met is in her house, and might think of him a little strange without a cover story. Duds may have bestowed the same "gift" on his mom, and she looks after him the same way the 4 friends do. Even Henry doesn't give his identity away when he and Otto are in the car on the way, he just casually explains that Duds is special.


Corrected entry: How was that electric fence supposed to contain the worms? The wires were 12-18" apart and the worms are only about 6" in diameter. They wouldn't have a wire too close to the ground or the snow would short it out. This would be easy for the worm to crawl under. The Army DID know about the worms because one of the head officers referred to them as the "s**t-worms".


Correction: The electric fence is not there to contain the worms - it's there to contain the people. Morgan Freeman and his team are concerned about citizens leaving the area and spreading the "ripley"(that red stuff,) as well as the worms, to other parts of the country. The symptoms of a worm infection are pretty obvious, so it would be a simple matter for one of the guards to remove an infected person from the general population and deal with it. Freeman has a line, something to the effect of: "no one will survive this." He doesn't mean that they will all be killed by the aliens - he means that he intends to kill all the survivors in the area, to prevent contamination of other areas. As usual, it's explained a little better in the book.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Morgan Freeman is approaching the reservoir control building towards the end of the film from one view there is no gun mounted on the front of the helicopter. However, in the next shot of the helicopter, he is shooting the gun, which has just appeared.

Correction: The gun is always on the front of the helicopter, but the gun is black like the chopper. When it is flying in you can just see the piont of the gun, if you look hard enough. The rest is hard to see because both chopper and gun are black.

Corrected entry: in the scene where Beaver states "We've been coming to the Hole in the Wall for 20 years now" there is a flashback stating 20 years earlier and it relives their first encounter meeting duds. How could it have flashed back only 20 years earlier? Did mom and dad drop them off at the Hole in the wall when they were 10 - 15 years old ?

Correction: Pete or Beaver's dad took them when they were 10 years old.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If the guys can hear each others' thoughts why did Henry have to walk to go get the snowmobile? Why didn't he just have Beaver or Jonesy bring it, and oppositely why didn't Beav and Jonesy send Henry and Pete an S.O.S. about the "shit-worm"?


Correction: It is made clear near the end of the movie that they have to be within a certain range of each other for the messages to work. Near the end Henry is saying "Just get me in range". They may have tried to send a message but realised they were out of range.

Corrected entry: Most of the film takes place in a cold and very snowy landscape. How come you NEVER see vapour coming out of the mouths of any of the characters in the film?

Correction: The outside, snowy parts of this movie were filmed where I live, in Prince George, B.C., Canada. Half of that snow is real, and half of it is fake because we had an unexpected warm couple of days when they were supposed to film. But either way, it's not really a mistake, either. It's common to not be so cold out that you can't see your breath in the air, even when there's snow on the ground.

Corrected entry: It's been said before, but it bears repeating until someone gets the idea. Mr. Gray traverses thousands of lightyears for the sole purpose of destroying humanity, manages to convert himself into a fungus cloud to infect humans or move around more easily, but *cannot* lift a sewer cover before he's vanquished.

Correction: While I also found this to be a contrived way of delaying the climax until the heroes arrived, there is a (weak) basis for this. Mr. Grey travelled to Earth with the help of spacecraft, and the dust cloud is one of the forms he assumes (in addition to his true alien form, the form of a stereotypical "grey" alien, etc). However, while his is inhabiting Jonesy's body, he is confined to the limits of Jonesy's physical form. You will see in several places that Mr. Grey / Jonesy has a noticable limp from the accident six months prior. Mr. Grey must live with Jonesy's limitations, which include a weakened body and atrophied muscles from being laid up after the car creamed him.


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Pete: Bingo... Did you say bingo like the game in church basements?
Beaver: Well there's trim there.
Pete: Oh, Beaver.

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Question: What kind of power did each of the four friends have? Pete can locate things, but what about the other besides reading people's minds?

Answer: Each of the 4 main characters; Jonsie, Pete, Beaver and Henry could communicate with one another telepathically. In addition to this power, Jonie also possessed a photographic memory. Pete could find or locate things. Henry could read other people's minds. Beaver had premonitions or some sort of sixth sense. He made a phonecall to Jonsie, knowing something was wrong and wrote ssdd on the phone booth.

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