Best horror movie factual errors of 2007

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Halloween picture

Factual error: Federal institutions have strict rules for inmates or patients based on the reason for their incarceration, including substituting metal utensils with safer plastic ones. Despite being convicted of brutally killing his family, Myers is still trusted with a sharp metal fork - resulting in the nurse's death.

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I Am Legend picture

Factual error: The grenade Robert Neville uses at the end of the movie has a blue and brown colored lever. This feature is only used on the M69 practice grenade and not the real M67. The lethal grenade lever is completely green.

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Aliens vs Predator: Requiem picture

Factual error: The uniform the female soldier is wearing when she comes back home is all wrong: the camo pattern is that of the USMC digital desert uniform but it has "US ARMY" chest tags (in a strange size and position, by the way). The US flag and unit insignia are on the wrong arms. The cut of the jacket is ACU, the pants are true USMC. (00:15:00)

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Premonition picture

Factual error: The husband was killed in an explosion. There would be no body for a casket, much less a head full of hair.

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End picture

Factual error: At the end, you can see Kimberly hanging in the background. After being cut in half, I doubt your clothes would stay on. (01:26:00)

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The Mist picture

Factual error: There is a scene near the beginning of the movie when the mist has just begun. A firetruck roars by, and has Caddo Parish Fire Dept. on the side. This movie is set in Maine. Louisiana is the only state with parishes. All others, including Maine, have counties. (00:10:50)

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30 Days of Night picture

Factual error: When the vampire throws the lit match on the oil it catches fire right away. Oil will only burn at a certain temperature no matter how many times you throw a lit match on it.

peter mcgougan

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28 Weeks Later picture

Factual error: There is a point where the children travel to their home to get some things. They travel to SOUTH London but as they near their home, look at Canary Wharf in the background! The positioning of the buildings show they are in the EAST towards Dagenham area.

Brian Holmes

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Hannibal Rising picture

Factual error: Hannibal makes a bomb using latex gloves that were not in use during the early 50's when the movie takes place. (01:28:35)

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The Reaping picture

Factual error: At the beginning of the film, in ConcepciĆ³n, Chile; the accent spoken is from Central American people, not Chilean.

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The Hitcher picture

Factual error: During the police chase, the helicopter calls in a car approaching at speed behind the police cars, but he calls it a "late model Trans Am." The Trans Am is an early model at best, as it is a 79 to 81 second generation (of 4) Trans Am. A late model Trans Am would be more accurately described as one of the fourth generation models built until 2002, and look nothing like a 79 to 81, even from the air. It might be considered a character mistake, except that police are generally knowledgable about the make and style of cars from various years. If the pilot or passenger of the helicopter were able to identify it as a Trans Am, they should be able to identify it as an older model, not a late model.

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P2 (2007)

P2 picture

Factual error: When Tom shocks Angela with a stun gun, she gets knocked out. That's impossible. Stun guns don't knock you out. Stun guns don't cause unconsciousness.


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Lake Placid 2 picture

Factual error: When the sheriff's son and the girl are sitting shivering in the rain, she indicates that she is hungry enough to eat an entire Hometown Buffet. There are no Hometown Buffets in the states of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. They are called Old Country Buffets there.

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Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke picture

Factual error: When the wraiths first invade the stockade, one of the officers orders his men to fire their "rifles". This is the 16th century. They're firing muskets.


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The Poughkeepsie Tapes picture

Factual error: After the little girl is taken they play audio of the mother on the phone with 911, the operator says they can't do anything for 24 hours. Police do not wait 24 hours to look for a missing person, especially a child.

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Saw IV picture

Factual error: Several mistakes about the clock in Jigsaw's workshop: around 300 years ago the first pendulum clocks were built. They were completely different by size and design than this one, so the claim that it is so old is completely wrong. Real pendulum clocks like the one seen in the movie never have a second hand from center. You can also see by the movement of the second hand that it is a modern, battery operated quartz movement. This also means that the ticking you hear is not created by the clock itself but was added later. (00:38:40)

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Vacancy picture

Factual error: The apple from which Amy was cutting a slice in the car in the beginning of the movie is later discovered "planted" by the bathroom sink after the first blackout. At least 2 or 3 hours have passed between when Amy cut the apple and when she finds it by the sink in the room, but the apple hasn't browned at all during this time, when it reality it would have browned within minutes of being cut.


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Outpost picture

Factual error: SSgt Gallegos asks Carter what other ammo he has, and he responds 5.65. No such ammo exists - M16/M4 uses 5.56 rounds. (01:17:41)

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