The Langoliers

Corrected entry: Just after Dinah Bellman says "I felt her hair. Someone cut off her hair." In the next shot someone is heard muttering "2 3 4 5 6 7." Presumably the director Tom Holland or one of the camera operatives.


Correction: It's the captain counting how many people. Immediately they start talking about how many people there are.

Corrected entry: The overhead signs posted at each of the planes exits are boldly marked in English AND Japanese. While the characters (de guchi) do translate to 'exit', it is out of place on an American commercial plane.


Correction: Apparently this airline has enough customers flying to and from Japan that they felt the need to put the signs in place. Many American facilities have signs posted in multiple languages. There's nothing 'out of place' about them.

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Corrected entry: The seats on the plane are filled with accessories (watches, dentures, etc) because the vortex sucked everything living. Then why wasn't their clothing left behind?

Correction: This should be under questions, not mistakes. There's nothing in the submission to indicate it's a mistake, just an opinion/query from the submitter.


Corrected entry: When they all leave Bangor airport after they find it is deserted, they have to manually move a stairwell to the plane to all get on board, once they are all in, the plane taxis off. How did they manage to move the stairs away from the plane after getting in? They would have had to move the stairs away otherwise the wings would have collided with the stairs. Planes need a truck to back up.

Correction: Large aircraft (weighing more than 12,500 lb) almost always have the ability to reverse thrust. The aircraft used in the movie is a Lockheed L-1011 Tri-star; this plane has reverse thrust capability.

Corrected entry: When the survivors of Flight 29 first wake up and start figuring out their situation, Jenkins tells Albert that everyone on the plane, including the people who disappeared, must have been asleep when the event happened - because if anyone was awake during the event (whatever it was) they would have screamed and awakened the others. But later, when they are about to go back through the time rip at the end of the movie, he shouts that everyone on the plane who was awake the first time they went through disappeared. We cannot dismiss this as Jenkins just contradicting himself or changing his mind - first, because there is no indication that he changed his mind or believed his initial analysis was mistaken, and second, because his initial analysis is just stupid. How could anyone think, even momentarily, that every single person on a plane, including the crew, could have fallen asleep at the same time? And if everyone on the plane had been asleep, why would only some of them have disappeared and some survived?

Correction: Between them first waking up and going back through the time rip, he's obviously figured out a lot more than his original theory included. His initial analysis being stupid is a character flaw - although an understandable one considering what had happened.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the plane is at Bangor Airport and the survivors have already worked out that no match will burn because the air is different. Dean Stockwell and the teenage girl are standing at the bottom of a stairwell by the plane and the girl lights up a cigarette. How?

Correction: This is explained later in the film. He realizes that anything from the plane, or brought onto the plane with them functions properly. It burned because she had it on the plane.


Corrected entry: When the crew of the plane enter the airport terminal after landing the first time, one of the passengers goes up to a lobster tank, and there are still lobsters in it. I thought all living things had disappeared.

Correction: They're stickers - part of an advert.

Continuity mistake: As Brian lands the plane down to Bangor, his headset is on in a frontal shot, but in a reverse shot it isn't. (00:47:05)

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Nick Hopewell: Do you ever watch Mr. Spock on Star Trek?
Craig Toomy: What the hell are you talking about?
Nick Hopewell: Because if you don't shut your cakehole, you bloody idiot, I'll be happy to demonstrate his Vulcan sleeper-hold for you.

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Trivia: In the scene near the end of the movie, there is a board meeting on the tarmac. The Chairman of the Board is Stephen King who is the author of The Langoliers. (02:10:15)

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