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World War Z picture

Factual error: An An-12, the aircraft the main character uses to fly all over the world, has a maximum range of about 3,500 miles. Hardly enough to fly from the US to South Korea or from South Korea to Israel. The An-12 also miraculously transforms into a C-130 in a couple of filler scenes. And why is this ex-Soviet aircraft marked in USAF markings, assigned to McGuire AFB?

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Suggested correction: Can't speak to the second half of your paragraph (should really post as 3 separate mistakes) but as for the first, a range of 3500 miles, aircraft such as the kc-135 exist and aerial refueling is fairly common place. Considering it's a mission supported by the acting UN Secretary General to stop a world crisis, resources could have been diverted for refueling.

The initial launch from the carrier is a C-130 which can do this (if empty, minimal fuel, has the full length of the flight deck and the carrier is steaming full ahead into the wind). It then morphs into an AN-12 and back to a Hercules. They make the point that this small fleet is what is known to remain of allied forces so not sure where any tanker support will come from. Many movies have ridiculous range issues with aircraft anyway.

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The Conjuring picture

Factual error: The moving truck that transports the Perron family's belongings didn't exist in 1971. It is a 1973 model or newer.


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Nailbiter picture

Factual error: The girls escape down into a storm cellar to get away from the tornado. As the twister passes, it is indicated by just a lot of loud wind sounds and constant shattering glass. This is not at all what a tornado would sound like. As many tornado survivors have stated, one would sound like a huge freight train rocketing down the tracks at reckless speeds, and accompanied by what sounds like constant explosions as it disintegrates everything in its path. Living in Arkansas, I am quite familiar with that sound. (00:16:05)

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The Last Days on Mars picture

Factual error: They inject the infected Brunel with antibiotics to fight the bacteria, however there is no pulse and that means the antibiotic can never spread through the body, as there is no blood circulation.


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Evil Dead picture

Factual error: Near the end, Mia discovers the chainsaw in the toolshed. Glancing around, she sees a clear plastic bottle of sparkling bright blue fluid that looks like window cleaner but is marked "Chainsaw Gas." Real chainsaw fuel is a 1:40 mixture of 2-cycle motor oil (greenish-black in color) and gasoline (pinkish-amber in color), which produces a fuel that is olive-green in broad daylight. In the darkened shed where Mia finds the chainsaw, the "Chainsaw Gas" in the bottle should not appear sparkling blue, but should appear very dark green, even with artificial light behind it.

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: I watched the scene and it's clear Chucky wasn't using a brick on the accelerator to rev the engine. However, Nica is paralyzed and there are devices you can install on a car that allows a paralyzed person to operate the gas and brake from the steering wheel, so Chucky could rev the engine without touching the gas pedal.


Suggested correction: All he would have to do is stand on the gas pedal.

He's standing at the wheel the entire scene. He's not tall enough to be doing that and pressing the gas pedal.


He could have used a brick or something to keep the gas pedal down and then climbed up to the wheel.

Except if you watch the scene, the engine revs up and down, not something putting a brick on the gas pedal would do.


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Only Lovers Left Alive picture

Factual error: Tilda Swinton requests a flight from Detroit to Tangier, Morocco, but it must be an all-night flight since she and Tom Hiddleston are vampires. They end up accepting a flight connecting through Madrid. Flying west to east, it would be impossible. If they leave their home at sunset, say 6 p.m. Detroit time, and take off around 8 p.m. Detroit time, it is already 1 a.m. In Spain. Toss in the travel time and they will be landing in Madrid in the early morning, which would kill them.

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Avenged picture

Factual error: Near the end, Zoe and Trey battle to the death, Zoe armed with a tomahawk and a knife, Trey armed with a Husqvarna chainsaw. During the battle, Zoe manages to amputate Trey's right hand, with which he was gripping the chainsaw's safety release and trigger (as his left hand gripped the support handle). Bellowing in pain, Trey continues swinging the chainsaw by its support handle with his left hand. Lo and behold, the chainsaw is somehow, miraculously, still revving in-and-out, which is only possible if the safety release is continuously depressed with the palm of the right hand as the fingers rhythmically flex to squeeze the trigger. Of course, with all major tendons in the wrist severed, an amputated hand cannot grip or flex or squeeze anything.

Charles Austin Miller

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Flying Monkeys picture

Factual error: In "China", when the white American guy shoots the flying monkey out of the air you can see the slide on his pistol locks back. However, he is then able to fire a second shot a few seconds later. (00:32:03)

Jack Vaughan

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Hansel & Gretel Get Baked picture

Factual error: One of Carlos' henchmen is running from Agnes' dog in her weed garden, in a maze like environment. The actions of the dog are totally unrealistic in how a dog would actually be chasing a person with intent to kill, especially a Doberman. And it was not moving very fast either, like jogging. A real situation like this, the dog would have been full sprint and on the attack, the henchman would not have been able to get away as long as he did as slow as he was going. (00:47:20)

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Carrie picture

Factual error: In a flashback scene, Carrie's mother is giving birth in bed; there is blood, but no placenta or umbilical cord, which we can see when the mother picks up her baby and places her on her chest.


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