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Corrected entry: At WHO in Wales, when the Israeli girl, Jerry and another man are sneaking into B wing, as they bend down and creep past an open area, trying not to attract attention from the zombies, the girl leaves her baseball bat behind, but, later, she has it back.


Correction: Watch closely - she has given the baseball bat to the WHO man (you can see him holding both it and his own crowbar), both right before and right after they have both crossed in front of the doorway. At some point after this, he gives it back to her, which explains why she has it again later.


Corrected entry: When Gerry checks out the rear cabin in the Belarus plane, he opens the curtain to see everyone screaming as the virus rages through the cabin. It's a curtain, not a soundproofed steel door - 1) there's no way that the front cabin passengers would not hear the screams just yards behind them, and 2) it's not reasonable to believe nobody would have run down the aisle and into the front cabin as they tried to escape. (01:16:55)


Correction: (1) People in the forward cabin did hear the screams and other noises of the attack; that's exactly why Gerry went back to see what was going on, and why the other passengers near him were looking around and asking what was happening. And (2) the zombie outbreak started in the little crew area between the two cabins, right near where Gerry peeked around the curtain. No one was able to run forward to escape the zombies because the outbreak started at the front of their section, so they would have had to somehow get through or around the zombies to escape into the forward cabin.


For the first point, you are correct about the people's reactions and the fact that they did hear the noise: they did respond appropriately to what they did hear, but in reality, the sounds of screaming should have been much louder and clearer than presented in the movie because, as DavidRTurner puts it, the curtain is not a soundproofed steel door. In airplanes, you can hear what happens through the curtains, and opening them doesn't affect hearing at all really. Therefore, the people would have been much more aware of what was really happening when hearing the noise, and not acting confused as to what the noise could be. As for the second point, you would be correct, Aerinah.


Corrected entry: When Gerry flies into Israel he nor the co-pilot mention the giant wall they have just flown over to get into Jerusalem, and Gerry acts surprised when told about it.

Correction: Gerry knew about the wall around Israel way back in Korea when the CIA guy told him about it. So he knew about the wall well beforehand. There was no sign of him acting surprised when flying into Israel.

Corrected entry: As Gerry and Segen are climbing on board the airliner to escape Jerusalem, one of the pilots takes their weapons, like Segen's machete and Gerry's assault rifle. Once they climb up the later, the pilot throws the rifle out of the jet through the hole they came in through. The sound effect is wrong here. It is a ladder hole leading out of the plane to the concrete runway below that is a drop of several feet. Yet as he chucks it down the hole, it makes a sound the instant it is out of sight, as if the ground is right there, and it makes the sound of the gun hitting a regular floor. (01:03:05)

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: The hatch in the cockpit floor does not lead directly to the ladder hatch shown in exterior shots of the plane, it would lead to a section of the forward hold, so the gun making an impact sound just after being thrown through the hatch would be correct.

Corrected entry: When Gerry's car gets hit by the ambulance at the beginning, the airbags don't go off initially, only going off when he gets hit by the second car. Airbags are instantly deployed at impact.

Correction: Front airbags will not be deployed in a side impact accident, therefore the airbags going off when the second car is hit is correct.

Corrected entry: Cardiff is a city and not a small Welsh village as shown in the film.

Correction: They aren't in Cardiff, the plane crashes before they arrive and they then go to a facility NEAR Cardiff, but not in Cardiff itself.

Corrected entry: After the cop breaks off the side view mirror of the family car and they take off to follow the trash truck, it is back on.

Correction: It's not back on - there's a brief shot where it looks like it is, but a closer examination will show the broken wing mirror mounting is just conveniently lined up with a white marking on the road.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: The hunt for a cure begins with Brad Pitt and his team flying off a very small aircraft carrier in a large C-130 Transport. This is completely impossible. This type of aircraft has never been nor can it be launched from any aircraft carrier. The small aircraft carrier in the movie is only suitable for helicopters and Harrier jump jets.

Bruce Trestrail

Correction: C-130 has been landed and launched from an aircraft carrier. Here's a link to YouTube video

Corrected entry: When Brad Pitt meets the full bird colonel on the ship for the first time he addresses him as Captain.

Correction: Navy rank doesn't have a full bird colonel. The symbol for captain is the same as an army or Air Force 0-6.

Corrected entry: A major plot point of the movie is that the zombies are attracted to any sound. Yet despite all the noise from military helicopters patrolling Jerusalem and commercial jetliners landing at the airport, it's only the sound of singing that triggers the zombie attack on the city.

Correction: Before the singing and the loud speaker started, there was a lot of noise, yes. But it was more spread out, noise all over the city and all around. This would be more than enough to confuse the zombies, but they were still attracted to the city and trying to get in as shown with the massive horde all around the walls. But when the loud speaker began playing, it was very loud over the other noise, and had lots of high pitch squeals blasting out that got the zombies' attention even more. This acted like a focal point for the horde and drew them all to that one spot rather than all around, thus allowing the zombies to get over the wall since they had a focal point to attack.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: After the phone rings, one of the W.H.O. Scientists gives Gerry the code to get into Vault 139. As Gerry sets down his crowbar against the wall to key in the code, you can see the supposedly air tight seal around the door of the vault holding the deadly pathogens, is not actually sealed. There is a very visible gap, showing it's a set. (01:38:10)

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Vault 139 is just that - a vault. A secure storage room, not a bio-hazard safety room. Vials stored there would be moved to more secure handling areas for tests. It is very prevalent in movie fiction that all dangerous diseases are under triple-layer retinal security areas; but that's not real life. It doesn't need to be airtight, just locked up.

Corrected entry: The area outside the Jerusalem safe zone is swarming with zombies, but the military helicopters don't decide to carpet-bomb and strafe the crowd with machine guns until AFTER the infected have scaled the wall. What in hell were they waiting for?

Correction: Given the size of the undead swarm and the relatively large area that it covers, there's no possible way that the military helicopters could be carrying enough firepower to take out a significant proportion of them, and making that sort of noise would only serve to attract even greater numbers to that location, making such action counter-productive as best. As such, it makes more sense to simply monitor the situation and only take offensive action in the event of a direct threat, as they do once the zombies begin to scale the wall.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Terry and Gerry enter the Argus control room, there is a shot of a sailor communicating with stranded personnel. This sailor wears the rank of Navy Lt on his right lapel and the rank of Lt Commander on his left lapel, both ranks in clear sight. He appears again when he announces that Washington DC has gone dark. (00:30:20 - 00:37:30)


Correction: The officer is actually a Lieutenant in the U.S. navy Medical Corps. Navy staff corps personnel wear their rank insignia on their right collar device and their staff corps insignia on their left collar device.

Corrected entry: If Indian troops were already fighting the zombies, it seems unbelievably unlikely that only Israel knew about it. Even the media would probably have got hold of it in this day and age, let alone world intelligence agencies.


Correction: The entire point of the conversation in Israel is the concept of the 10th man. Yes, others knew but no one believed the word zombie was to be taken literally. Israel survived because the 10th man investigated the claims as though zombies were real.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Army is removing the historical documents from the National Archives you get a good look at the glass-encased Declaration of Independence. The one shown in the film has dark printing and is extremely easy to read. The real document looks nothing like this (I've seen it several times in the archives) - the printing is faded throughout and the parchment is not uniformly brown, as it is depicted in the movie. (00:37:40)

BocaDavie Premium member

Correction: We see this document for less than 3 seconds - not enough time to get a good look at the prop. The real document is under very special lighting and environmental conditions; it would not be as we'll lit as it is in this scene. It is possible that the view we have, with the bright lights, could bring out detail we cannot see at the Archives. Also; there is nothing to indicate that THAT is the document being carried - it could be something else. There isn't enough detail to be sure.


Factual error: An An-12, the aircraft the main character uses to fly all over the world, has a maximum range of about 3,500 miles. Hardly enough to fly from the US to South Korea or from South Korea to Israel. The An-12 also miraculously transforms into a C-130 in a couple of filler scenes. And why is this ex-Soviet aircraft marked in USAF markings, assigned to McGuire AFB?

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Suggested correction: Can't speak to the second half of your paragraph (should really post as 3 separate mistakes) but as for the first, a range of 3500 miles, aircraft such as the kc-135 exist and aerial refueling is fairly common place. Considering it's a mission supported by the acting UN Secretary General to stop a world crisis, resources could have been diverted for refueling.

The initial launch from the carrier is a C-130 which can do this (if empty, minimal fuel, has the full length of the flight deck and the carrier is steaming full ahead into the wind). It then morphs into an AN-12 and back to a Hercules. They make the point that this small fleet is what is known to remain of allied forces so not sure where any tanker support will come from. Many movies have ridiculous range issues with aircraft anyway.

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Jurgen Warmbrunn: Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature.

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Trivia: Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor Who for 2014, is listed in the credits as W.H.O. Doctor. Just a fun coincidence, as the roles are too far apart to have been planned, but worth a look.

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Question: When Gerry and Segen are making their way to the airport, the helicopter they're supposed to take gets blown up. So they're without transportation. Yet suddenly, 20 seconds later, they're running onto the runway, boarding the Belarus plane. How did they get to the airport?

Answer: The likely answer is that they ran to the airport. Their journey to the airport was simply cut to save time and keep the movie going.

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