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The Dark Knight picture

Other mistake: Whenever a character shoots a shotgun in the air inside, there isn't any debris from the shot. It happens when Joker crashes the fund raising party and when guards try to control the prisoners on the ship. (00:47:00)

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The Princess and the Frog pictureThe Princess and the Frog mistake picture

Other mistake: Charlotte's dad buys a newspaper in the beginning of the film. The same two paragraphs about Prince Naveen are repeated all over the front page, including under the headline 'Annual Goosenhoper State Gumbo Faire Is Smashing Success.' (00:08:45)

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Man of Steel picture

Other mistake: The driver for the general at the end of the movie is referred to as captain, but is in the credits as Major Carrie Farris. (02:09:50 - 02:15:35)

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Super Fuzz picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Dave Speed jumps onto Torpedo's private plane and starts steering it to the ground. The plane is white with obvious red stripes. However, Dave Speed is supposed to lose his super powers when he sees red.

Daniel Garner
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The Giant Behemoth picture

Other mistake: When the Behemoth swims up the river & capsizes the ferry, a static model is used that bears no resemblance to the animation model seen throughout the film.

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Out For Blood picture

Other mistake: After the cops pull Kevin Dillon from his car with aluminum foil on the windows, the aerial view reveals that both black and whites have the same number - 405 - painted on the roof.

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Somewhere In Time picture

Other mistake: When Arthur's father takes his ball away (just before Richard Collier signs the register), Richard is looking the other way while Arthur's father puts the ball somewhere behind the counter. Yet, when Richard decides to give Arthur his ball back, he reaches over the counter to the exact place Arthur's father placed it even though Richard never saw where it was placed. (00:54:30 - 00:57:10)

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Castle in the Sky picture

Other mistake: In the first scene when the hurricane has passed and Pazu and Sheeta land on the cloud, Pazu twirls Sheeta around until they are almost off the edge of the cloud (his toe actually is on the edge of the cloud). But in the next few seconds the direction changes and they end up back on the cloud.

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Kull the Conqueror picture

Other mistake: During the honeymoon scene, Tia (who is obviously wearing a wig) and Kevin are rolling around simulating love making. What ruins the mood for me is when strands of her "hair" come loose and are lying around on the bed. It sure would dampen my mood if someone pulled out chunks of my hair.

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Gormenghast picture

Other mistake: The wet nurse that cares for the newborn Titus is pregnant when she is hired. She is far enough along to be producing milk, yet doesn't give birth until Titus is a year old.

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The Prestige picture

Other mistake: This mistake occurs when Borden crashes Angier's act. Borden emerges from the trick door for the Transported Man trick, feigns surprise, and then "discovers" the bound and gagged double suspended above the stage. When Borden says "Ah, the Great Danton" you can see the ring and pinkie fingers on his left hand moving, even though he had already lost them by this time in the movie. We know that it has to be after the time BOTH twins lost their fingers because Olivia observed Borden's trick and says that "it is the same man" because she was fooled by both Bordens having their gloves stuffed.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian picture

Other mistake: After the trees wake up when the General is saying that they can still win if they retreat to the river, in the background there is a catapult that picks up a rock and never goes high enough to throw the rock or drop it, but when it comes back down, the rock is missing.

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Van Helsing picture

Other mistake: Van Helsing's ring fits his as a human, but in the climactic fight he turns to werewolf form and back and is still wearing it. He didn't have time to take it off and put it back on, so either one of his wolf fingers should be horribly, painfully cramped or the ring should have broken. No one insinuates that the ring has magical powers of any kind to prevent this.

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Evil Dead II picture

Other mistake: When Evil Ed picks up Jake and throws him headfirst into the lightbulb, watch the speed that he hits it and then falls away from it; he moves far to slowly.

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The Hudsucker Proxy picture

Other mistake: When Norville takes the blue letter up to the top floor, there are several problems with Buzz and the three columns of elevator destination lights that he operates. When Norville enters, he is the only person on the elevator, but another floor is already lit up. When the next three employees enter the elevator, this other light has moved from 7th highest to 3rd highest in the left column. Two of the three employees are going to floors 11 and 37, yet Buzz only lights up floors in the right column (with three columns, each light in a column should differ by three, but 37-11=26, and 26 is not divisible by three). When Mr. Greer enters the elevator Buzz pushes at least two more buttons because when the elevator stops again, we can see at least seven floors lit up.

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Desperation picture

Other mistake: When David finds the bodies in the station and the husband swinging from the fan, there are no bullet holes in his back, but there was blood on the wall behind him when he was shot.

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The Final Sacrifice picture

Other mistake: In the scenes that take place in populated areas, there are never any people seen anywhere in the streets. Not even during the "high-speed chase" (where the thugs' car does not quite manage to catch up with Troy on his ten-speed bike) in the town do you see anybody.

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Ponyo picture

Other mistake: After retrieving Ponyo from Sosuke, Fujimoto is trying to get her to eat. He calls her Ponyo despite not learning her name until a few moments later.

Low Cow
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The Lorax picture

Other mistake: After the song "How Bad Can I Be?", the camera is looking at the animals with 5 trees and the tree cutting machine behind them. As the machine reaches the 4th tree, the tree doesn't fall. (00:56:40)

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Highlander picture

Other mistake: In the scene when the Kurgan breaks into the tower house looking for Connor, he breaks down the front door. As the door fragments, we can see it is not made of wood but polystyrene.

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