The Sword in the Stone

Other mistake: Merlin says, "Man will fly someday". For a few frames after he says this, his thumb on his pipe is painted blue, then returns to its normal color. This causes a blinking effect.

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Suggested correction: No it doesn't. There's a tiny spot of blue noticeable for a mere frame, but in no way does his thumb turn blue nor could this be listed as a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Arthur is out hunting in the woods, Arthur is lying on a tree branch. In one shot, his pants leg is coloured brown, whereas, in the next shot, it is skin colour (as if he isn't wearing any pants). In the next shot, the brown pants leg has returned.

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Merlin: Now, now, Mim, Mim, no... no dragons, remember?
Madame Mim: Did I say no purple dragons? Did I?

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Trivia: In the two scenes where the wolf faces the tumbling rock Wart kicked loose (when he and Merlin depart for the castle), and where he is gnawed on by the squirrel girl, he bears exactly the same expression.

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Answer: Arthur was voiced by three actors. Rickie Sorenson and Richard and Robert Reitherman. Rickie originally voiced Arthur but, during production of the film, Rickie hit puberty causing his voice to change, so Wolfgang Reitherman chose to use his own sons to replace Rickie.

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