The Sword in the Stone

Continuity mistake: When Arthur is out hunting in the woods, Arthur is lying on a tree branch. In one shot, his pants leg is coloured brown, whereas, in the next shot, it is skin colour (as if he isn't wearing any pants). In the next shot, the brown pants leg has returned.

Continuity mistake: When Pelinore enters the castle, he takes the glove off his left hand. When he's passing Wart, however, his right hand is the one that is bare. Immediately afterwards the bare hand switches back to his left.

Continuity mistake: As a squirrel, Merlin's glasses come off & suddenly, it has ear pieces on the frames. When he places them back on, they're gone.

Continuity mistake: When Merlin is thrown in to the armor under the water as a fish, his glasses are thrown off and they land on the nose of the armor. The next time they show him, the glasses are down beside him. And still again, when Merlin is changed back into a human, he has the armor on his head and when he pulls it off, his glasses are on underneath the armor.

Continuity mistake: Merlin slides down the hill & skips across the water. As he crosses the water, there are a few large rocks in the water in the background. As Arthur skips across the water, there are no rocks in the water.

Continuity mistake: Arthur jumps over an enclosed fence to get to the Sword in the Stone. After he gets the sword, he runs out of an opening in the fence that wasn't there when he entered the area.

Continuity mistake: When the wolf slides into the water, after Arthur and Merlin, a big rock appears in the middle of the pond, that wasn't there when Merlin and Arthur crossed.

Continuity mistake: Arthur is seen looking at the birds flying with a pipe. In the next shot, the pipe in Merlin's hand has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Kay tells his father that he is now "Sir Kay" at the banquet celebrations in the castle, there is an eaten chicken and bones in front of him on the table that disappear in the very next shot.

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