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Enchanted picture Enchanted mistake picture

Other mistake: In his search of Giselle, when Edward knocks on doors 209 (hissing cat), 405 (barking dog), and 714 (purple guy), the funny thing is that in all three close-ups the three door jambs/trim have the same paint glob markings. The actual doors were changed, but the jamb/trim remained the same for all three shots. (Only visible on widescreen DVD). (01:04:05)

Super Grover Premium member

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The Muppets' Wizard of Oz picture

Other mistake: When Dorthy is trying to audition for the Muppet's the man says they are gone and the Muppet's bus pulls up. If you look when the bus is pulling up there is no one in it, even the driver seat is empty. Then a few seconds after the bus stops Kermit and Miss. Piggy come walking out.


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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Lestat and Louis are in the tavern, Lestat kills the barmaid. He says "She's as dead as a doornail, my friend", and rests her head on the table. He then drops some coins onto the table, and the "dead" woman's eyes flicker in reaction. (00:17:55)

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Plan 9 From Outer Space picture

Other mistake: The exhaust of the space ship is so strong that it knocks down Jeff and Paula to the ground, but their hair doesn't get changed at all.

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Thunderbirds picture

Other mistake: Wouldn't Thunderbird 1 leave some sort of burn marks on the pool side as it lifts off? The blast pattern is close enough to the sides.

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Sleeping Beauty picture

Other mistake: When the three fairies are cleaning up the cottage, Merriwether has the broom magically sweep all the dust into a pile, then she makes the pile disappear. Right after it does so, the picture is stuck in a freeze-frame for about half a second.


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Tomb Raider picture

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Lara Croft and the bad guys are in the frozen ruins of an ancient civilisation. Upon reaching the outskirts of the ruins one of the characters mentions that the ancient city is a "dead zone" which I understood to mean it was an anomalous area where electrical devices wouldn't work - not just no communications, because the vehicles stop working and Bryce's laptop just dies. Once inside the city however, the laser rifle sight worked just fine.

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire picture

Other mistake: When Milo is practising his speech, he jumps over the blackboard to answer the phone. The top of the blackboard rests on the desk, but when he slides back over, it swings all the way round . If it hit the desk one way, it would have hit the desk swinging the other way round.

julie sheridan

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Pulse picture

Other mistake: The same shot of two guys looking at a computer while sitting outside on the school campus is used in two different scenes. (00:02:15 - 00:11:35)

Rochelle McCarty

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe picture

Other mistake: When Aslan is resurrected, and the Stone Table cracks, you see Susan and Lucy stumble from the jolt and fall. If you watch closely, however, Susan prepares herself for the jolt before it ever happens. She throws her arms out and bends slightly at the waist, a few seconds before the jolt.

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The Sword in the Stone picture

Other mistake: Merlin says, "Man will fly someday". For a few frames after he says this, his thumb on his pipe is painted blue, then returns to its normal color. This causes a blinking effect.

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Suggested correction: No it doesn't. There's a tiny spot of blue noticeable for a mere frame, but in no way does his thumb turn blue nor could this be listed as a mistake.

Sacha Premium member

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Superman picture

Other mistake: When Superman and Lois are flying through the clouds, there are a number of shots in which we see Superman from Lois' point of view. If you look closely, you can see that Christopher Reeve is not being suspended in these shots, but is, in fact, kneeling to look as though he is flying. You can tell by the profile of the red trunks.

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Other mistake: In the dance scene, when Mrs. Potts says "true as it can be", in one frame her eyes turn black and then turn blue again. (01:00:25)

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The Swan Princess picture

Other mistake: When Derek and co are 'shooting' the musicians dressed as animals, Derek shoots at his foot to show that they are harmless. AS the arrows are covered in red powder, surely his foot would go red? After all, every shot at the musicians made them get a red mark.

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Cinderella picture Cinderella mistake picture

Other mistake: When the clock strikes 8 o clock, the 11 (XI) on the clock reads 12 (XII) in roman numerals. This is just in-between the scene with the mice making Cinderella's ball dress and the scene where the carriage arrives at the home to pick the stepmother and stepsisters up for the ball. (00:36:50)

Chris Amor

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The Wolverine picture The Wolverine mistake picture

Other mistake: Wolverine shields Yashida from the blast, burning off all his hair. Somehow his pants manage to remain unaffected by this, as seen later when they are climbing from the pit.

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The Shadow picture

Other mistake: When Lamont walks into the alley to avoid being followed by one of Khan's warriors, he makes himself invisible, and his shadow vanishes as well. It's well noted at the beginning of the film that his shadow is always visible even if he isn't. Therefore, his shadow should still be seen on the ground and give him away.

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