Fluke (1995)

13 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Young Brian plays with his Star Trek figures on the carpet. When Fluke comes in, between shots the position of the other figures on the carpet has changed.

Other mistake: It's pretty bright in the cemetery considering that there are barely any lights.


Revealing mistake: You can easily tell that the snow in the end is fake.


Continuity mistake: In the cemetery scene when Mr. Grimes locks the gates, you can easily see the keys still hanging in the lock as he starts walking back to his truck. In subsequent shots, when Brian is trying to get out, and when his mother arrives, there are no keys hanging in the lock anymore. (01:21:20)

Continuity mistake: Brian's hair and Fluke's fur dry way too fast after coming out of the rain.


Continuity mistake: Brian rolls on the grass when playing with Fluke. When he starts to roll, he is on the grass about 20 feet from the drive and the grass slopes downhill. In the very next shot, he is only 5 feet away from the grass, and further up the hill.

Continuity mistake: When the wife is in the bathroom after her shower and Fluke is looking at the ring on the table, she puts the ring on, then looks at Fluke. The ring is still on the table in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Rumbo is dropping nuts on Fluke's head in the very end, Fluke's paws keep moving in between shots.


Revealing mistake: When Brian's mother drives her car into the locked cemetary gate, it comes open much too easily.


Factual error: How could Brian get a cold after he was outside in the rain for a minute and was dried off right away?


Continuity mistake: There isn't very much glass after Jeff's crash considering the whole windshield was broken out.


Visible crew/equipment: After Brian's mother tells Fluke to come with them in the cemetary, the shot cuts to Brian in the car and then back outside. It the bottom left hand corner, you can see a person kneeling there.


Visible crew/equipment: In the shot where Fluke runs up the long driveway of his past-life home, the cameraman's shadow is visible on the lawn.

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