Fluke (1995)

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Corrected entry: Fluke hurts his foot in the end and he limps. But several times he stands right on it. (A) When he uncovers the word "forever" on the grave. (B) When he runs away after uncovering the word.


Correction: I only see him rest his weight on his front right foot temporarily for brief moments. He doesn't appear to walk on it for extended periods of time. He also doesn't stand on it for extended periods of time.

Corrected entry: When Fluke attacks what used to be his best friend, you can tell that he literally sticks out his arm for the dog to grab.


Correction: Sticking out your arm at an attacking dog is a good (and recommended) way to protect your face and body from the dog. Fluke was growling when the man approached the living room, and it was pretty obvious by then that Fluke was going to leap up and attack him. So, his best friend stuck out his arm to protect himself as best he could from the attack. His actions are totally reasonable in this scene.

Corrected entry: In the beginning you can tell that the dog is licking the camera when she is supposed to be licking the puppy.


Correction: The only thing you could be referring to is sometimes the shots are from the dog's point of view, and at those times, the dog is supposedly licking the puppy but is really licking the camera lens. There is nothing wrong with these shots.

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Rumbo: Hey. Hey! What's going on?
Young Fluke: I guess I was dreaming.
Rumbo: You were what?
Young Fluke: Uh, dreaming. I was seeing pictures inside my head.
Rumbo: Pictures ain't got no business being inside your head. Next time you just growl and chase 'em away.
Young Fluke: Rumbo, have you always been a dog?
Rumbo: What you talkin' about? What else could I have been?
Young Fluke: I don't know. A human.
Rumbo: A two-legger? Me?



Young Brian plays with his Star Trek figures on the carpet. When Fluke comes in, between shots the position of the other figures on the carpet has changed.



The two main dogs are played by Comet (from Full House) and Barney (from Homeward Bound).