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The Dark Knight picture

Other mistake: The television that Lau used to communicate with the crime lords was a regular set carried in by Lau's operatives and placed on the table (which didn't have a mic or camera on it), and there were no cameras in the room. So how was Lau able to see/hear/interact with the crime lords? (00:23:10)


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Suggested correction: Lau doesn't need to see the occupants of the room in order to talk to them - he just needs to be able to hear them, so the fact that there are no cameras in the room is irrelevant. The microphone doesn't have to be attached to the television, it could be anywhere in the room, including under the table.

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House of Flying Daggers picture

Other mistake: During the final fight scene between the two protagonists, there is a howling gale which blows snow sideways. yet it never ruffles the protagonists' hair.

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Masters of the Universe picture Masters of the Universe mistake picture

Other mistake: When He-Man is fighting against the centurions on the floating disks, he tells the others to get inside a building. As he opens the door to the building, not only does it fall right off the hinges, but his sword also falls right off his back, pulling his cape off with it just as the scene ends. (01:09:20)


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Sleepy Hollow picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Ichabod, Katrina and the young boy are in the old windmill when the horseman arrives. When the three good characters jump onto the moving sails Ichabod drops a lantern down to the floor setting the whole windmill on fire. He, the little boy and Katrina jump off the sail onto the ground and start running back to their carriage some yards away. A camera shot shows the top of the building explode and we see a very quick shot of the whole windmill exploding in flames, but Ichabod, Katrina and the little boy have disappeared. Two shots later they are still running to the carriage. (01:30:25)

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Fluke picture

Other mistake: It's pretty bright in the cemetery considering that there are barely any lights.


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Anastasia picture

Other mistake: In the song "A Rumor in St. Petersburg," according to the closed captioning, the characters sing the words "no proof of fact." According to the lyrics in the soundtrack booklet, they are actually singing "or through a crack." And if you listen, it's actually what they are saying.


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Dracula picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Renfield enters Dracula's castle, it is past midnight and on the outside, it is dark. But there is a LOT of bright light streaming through the windows into the castle, throwing well-defined shadows. (00:09:10)


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Phenomenon picture

Other mistake: After John T's passing, the screen caption reads "1 year later" and they are celebrating his birthday. The light flash happened on his birthday and took three months to be diagnosed and die. The caption should actually say 9 months later.

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Legend picture

Other mistake: Jack compliments Lily on her ability to speak to a bird she holds in her hand but no bird call is heard from Lily in the European version. In the American version her bird call is heard.

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time picture

Other mistake: When Tamina pretends to have fainted and Dastan runs over to her rescue, Dastan wearing some kind of Adidas/Nike/other modern sport shoes, only the shoe sole is visible but you can see it as he runs and kneels just before he gets whacked on the head. (00:36:45)

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Witchblade picture

Other mistake: Mr. Gellar never ages. We see a flashback of him when he kills Sarah's Dad when Sarah was a little girl. When Sarah is a detective, he still looks the same.

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Other mistake: When the children run into Captain Sham (Count Olaf in disguise), Aunt Josephine says that the children will make them a meal of puttanesca. You need the stove to make puttanesca but Aunt Josephine would never let the children anywhere near the stove because she was terrified that it would burst into flames.

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie picture

Other mistake: Throughout the movie large footprints of heffalumps are shown. However, when the heffalumps bound around, they never create any footprints of any kind.

Wayne C.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang picture

Other mistake: When Professor Potts bought Chitty from the Junkman and brings the car into the garage, the body of the car is charred or damaged somehow from the crash and fire. But the leather seats, dashboard and wooden steering wheel are completely unharmed.

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The Fly picture

Other mistake: When Seth comes out of the pod for the second time and the girl is watching him she moves her leg reveling panties. However, Seth comes over and they start intercourse. How? He doesn't even move her underwear to one side.

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The Ninth Gate picture

Other mistake: Toward the end of the movie, as Johnny Depp and his leading lady are being led down into the dungeon, you can actually see the camera bouncing and shaking and hear it hitting the stairs as it moves down the stairs.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey picture

Other mistake: In this movie, Gandalf looks older than he does in his grey incarnation in Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. However, this takes place before the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, so he should look younger, or the same.

Casual Person

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Meet Joe Black picture

Other mistake: When Brad gets hit by a car, the car passes by a window, but there's no reflection of the car in the window.

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Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory picture

Other mistake: During the Oompa Loompas' first number (Augustus Gloop), the lyrics are animated on the screen - but one word doesn't match. The song line is "What are you at getting terribly fat"; the words on-screen read "WHERE are you at."

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Fred Claus picture

Other mistake: The ink on the pad and the ink on the stamp that Fred marks the kids "nice" are wrong. If you look at it Fred doesn't hit all the colors in the pad. He only hits one color.

Michael Piscitelli

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