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Escape to Witch Mountain picture

Character mistake: During the movie the cat Winky is referred to as male, but much later in the movie is referred to as female.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Character mistake: During the military parade, check the lady behind the soldier on the left. She can't help stare at the camera the whole time before the soldiers arrive. (00:07:03)

Sacha Premium member

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Return to Halloweentown picture

Character mistake: When Gwen Piper is talking to Aggie in the soup pot at the beginning of the movie, Aggie addresses Gwen as Linda.


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Suggested correction: Aggie says Gwen darling.

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The Perfect Man picture

Character mistake: When Holly and Amber go to see Amber's uncle at the Bistro, they say the 'report' is due tomorrow. However that day will be Sunday (no school!), as previously it was mentioned that the day was Saturday.


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It's a Wonderful Life picture

Character mistake: In every scene George is with Mary, she never once wears glasses. However, when he meets her coming from the library after he was never born, she is wearing glasses. George is shown how he has influenced all the people in Bedford Falls over his lifetime, but having Mary's eyesight degrade to the point of needing glasses isn't one of them.

Mike Lynch

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The Shooting of Dan McGoo picture

Character mistake: When we see what is happening inside the saloon, there is a sign which reads "Noisy - Is'nt It?" It should read "Isn't."

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Jack and the Beanstalk picture

Character mistake: When Jack offers to sell his cow to the butcher, the butcher says "There isn't much meat on him." Jack points out that the cow is a "her", but after the sale, he says to the cow, "Be a good boy."

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The Christmas Tree picture Video

Character mistake: After Santa gives the children new clothes, Ray says that he and the mother can now raise the 9 children. The mother points out that they only have 2, but he points to the group of orphans to include them. However that makes only 7 children.

Quantom X Premium member

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Blank Check picture

Character mistake: Quigly says that Preston "got away again" when he and Shae escape in the limo, but that was the first time that the trio found him after he got the money.


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Back to the Future Part III picture

Character mistake: At the ravine, upon learning that the bridge doesn't exist yet, Marty states to Doc "We can't wait a year and a half for this to be built". If you carefully look at the sign, it says the bridge is opening Summer 1886. That's under a year away, not a year and a half from Sept. 1885.

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Opposite Day picture

Character mistake: Near the end of the movie Godfrey says "I'll try to send the birds to the sea," but when he redirects the birds the operator says the birds are going back to the base.

Yvonne Hamilton

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101 Dalmatians picture

Character mistake: When Nanny says, "Look, here's Lucky!" the puppy she picks up does not have a collar on, therefore that cannot be Lucky, as Lucky is one of the original 15 with collars. (01:16:48)


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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown picture Video

Character mistake: On the mailbox where Linus delivers his letter, on the side of the Mailbox is written "U.S Mail." That should be on the letter, not the mailbox. There should also be a period after the S making it U.S. Mail.

Quantom X Premium member

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Hotel Transylvania picture

Character mistake: When Dracula puts Johnny on a time-out, it is shown that Dracula has the ability of psychokinesis. Yet during the scene when Mavis visits the human village, when one of the dressed up zombies loses its head, Dracula jumps into the scene to physically put the head back to its body, further risking being spotted by Mavis, which he wanted to avoid. (00:16:15)


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Suggested correction: Using this power would also be a risk of Mavis finding out because his magic has blue effects around which she would spot.

I doubt that, she was facing the opposite direction of the headless zombie the entire time, and the zombie didn't stand too close to her. However, I have realised that the magic does seem to make sound, and the headless zombie did stand close enough to Mavis for her to would have heard Dracula's magic if he were to have used it.


Suggested correction: Dracula's psychokinesis-magic makes sound, if he were to have used it to put the zombie's head back to its body, Mavis would be likely to have heard it, revealing Dracula.


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Home Alone 3 picture

Character mistake: When Jernigan chases the car, he tells the team, "It's heading south on Adams." The toy car then turns left, which means that the car should be heading east. However, Jernigan tells the team that the car is headed west.

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Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century picture

Character mistake: On the sign outside Dr I.Q. Hi's headquarters, the word "Stratosphere" is spelled "Stratopere."

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie, during "Provincial Life", we see a fat lady trying on a hat in a hat store. The sign over the window, in French, reads "Chapeau" (hat). The correct way to identify that store would have been "Chapeaux" (hats) or "Chapelier" (hatter).


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Pluto's Blue Note picture

Character mistake: When we see the sign in the window of the music shop, it reads "This Week Dance Record" which doesn't make much sense. Surely it was meant to read "This Week's Dance Record."

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The War with Grandpa picture

Character mistake: After the dodgeball game ends Jerry asks the referee if skyzone had a bar, but in the background he's already walking away.

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