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Twitches picture

Character mistake: In the beginning when Karsh and Ileana take the twins Karsh says he'll take Apolla and Ileana says she will take Aretmis but Karsh has the twin with the moon amulet which is Alex, who is supposed to be Artemis and Ileana has the twin who has the sun amulet which is Camryn, who is supposed to be Apolla. (00:00:50)

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Home Alone 3 picture

Character mistake: When Jernigan chases the car, he tells the team, "It's heading south on Adams." The toy car then turns left, which means that the car should be heading east. However, Jernigan tells the team that the car is headed west.

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Baseball Bugs picture

Character mistake: The score board during the game shows the Gas House Gorillas have the scores 10, 28, 16 and 42, for a total of 96 runs. But later on the announcer gives the score as "Bugs Bunny 96, Gas House Gorillas 95."

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Rabbit Seasoning picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the cartoon, there is a sign which reads "IF YOURE LOOKING FOR FUN" with no apostrophe.

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