Nine Lives

Character mistake: When Tom goes into cardiac arrest, the doctor uses the defibrillator paddles on him, but she uses them whilst the hospital gown is still on him. A defibrillator must be used on bare skin if the electricity is supposed to get through to his heart. (01:08:55)

Casual Person

Factual error: Kevin Spacey states that his company's new tower is the "tallest building in the northern hemisphere." The tallest building in the world is in the northern hemisphere - the Burj Khalifa, which has held that title since 2008, and is about 830 meters tall. Judging by the size of the new tower compared to the other buildings in New York, this building appears to be only 600 meters tall. (00:04:30)

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Felix Grant: So... How you doin' in there?
Tom Brand: Wait a minute... I'm a CAT.

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Trivia: Mark Consuelos, who plays Ian Cox, had a lot of difficulty filming the scenes with Mr. Fuzzypants because in real life he has an allergy to cats. The actor's disgusted reactions where he is dealing with the cat are genuine.

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