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Hidden Figures picture

Character mistake: A TV news announcer describes Alan Shepard's first manned launch into space as him being lifted to "an altitude of 116 miles per hour." That's not an altitude, that's a speed. It should have just been "116 miles."

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Moana picture

Character mistake: When Maui and Moana set sail after defeating the Kakamora, Maui says they must head east. He turns the boat 90° as he says this. Throughout the next scene the setting sun is to the left of them (providing a beautiful backdrop to their fight), meaning that the boat must be heading north, not east.

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London Has Fallen picture

Character mistake: When Mike and the SAS team leader first meet, the team leader introduces himself as Will Davis, Captain. However at the near end when they say goodbye to each other, Mike addresses him as Lieutenant. (01:07:35 - 01:25:35)

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Loving picture

Character mistake: Civil rights lawyer says bring up the 1983 case. Should have been 1893 or 1883.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant picture

Character mistake: When Tris and Christina are going to rescue Four, Tris asks how to use the drones. When Christina tells her that she must use her left hand she can be seen using her right hand to control them.

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Split picture Split mistake picture

Character mistake: The Master of Psychology Degree from Tulane University has a spelling mistake. School of Political Sciences is spelt 'Scineces'. (00:54:05)

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Deepwater Horizon picture Deepwater Horizon mistake picture

Character mistake: When Mike's wife is watching the news about the oil rig on fire, you can see the TV with part of the U.S. map on it and 'Mississippi' is misspelled as Missisippi. (01:09:10)

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Now You See Me 2 picture

Character mistake: Dylan is showing Agent Cowan and the FBI director the pictures of the pigeons and Dylan and Cowan start arguing, while the FBI director continues to look at the evidence on the Four Horsemen. Whilst looking there is an article reading "FBI Investigation Stalls." On the first column of the article, it is mentioned that all four members of the Four Horsemen, J. Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Merritt McKinney and Jack Wilder, all disappeared into thin air at the final magic show, and gave the audience fake dollar bills. By the time of the final magic show, Jack had faked his death and was presumed dead, so only three members of the Horsemen were present, not four. (00:08:55)

Casual Person

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Star Trek Beyond picture

Character mistake: When the elder Vulcans inform young Spock of the death of the older Spock, they show him a tablet that has him listed as "Second Officer - USS Enterprise." Spock was First Officer.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them picture

Character mistake: In her speech outside the bank, Mary Lou Barebone mentions "the wireless" as one of the wonders of modern technology, which is the British term. A New Yorker in 1926 would more likely use the Americanism "radio."

Cubs Fan Premium member

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Suggested correction: Not necessarily they could have heard someone say the wireless.

Ssiscool Premium member

Possibly, but is it probable? Big difference between hearing someone else use it and using it oneself. Just as an example, if I ever were to travel to Britain, it would be an instinctive habit to use words like "elevator" instead of "lift", or "apartment" instead of "flat", simply because to me, as an American, that's what they're called.

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Allied picture

Character mistake: Max back in London is referred to as Group Captain, but his RAF Rank shows him as a Squadron Leader.

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back picture

Character mistake: Reacher asks the MP Sgt who her "DI" was in "boot camp." The Army doesn't have Drill Instructors or boot camp but rather "Drill Sergeants and Basic Training." Call a drill sergeant a DI and you'll be doing push-ups, seen it happen.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows picture

Character mistake: When April and Casey are in the interrogation room April says she wants her phone call. The detective says the phones are down and April reply's with "well hate to break it to you, legally I'm entitled to a phone call." The detective should know that this is not true at all. They can make a call if the detective is OK with it, but it is not a right. (01:04:25)


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Ghostbusters picture

Character mistake: When Erin pops Stay Puft, the girls get up. One of the girls says "welcome back" to Erin. She didn't leave the group.

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A Street Cat Named Bob picture

Character mistake: It happens in real life too, but when Betty makes the "I'm a level 4 vegan; I don't eat anything that casts a shadow" joke, she misquotes The Simpsons' episode where the quote originated. That'd be level 5. (00:48:40)

Sammo Premium member

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The Assignment picture

Character mistake: Being a doctor she leaves Frank the meds he needs to retain his feminity yet she doesn't leave what he needs to stop facial hair. Such things exist.


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Nine Lives picture

Character mistake: When Tom goes into cardiac arrest, the doctor uses the defibrillator paddles on him, but she uses them whilst the hospital gown is still on him. A defibrillator must be used on bare skin if the electricity is supposed to get through to his heart. (01:08:55)

Casual Person

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Madaari picture Madaari mistake picture

Character mistake: In the newsreel during the growing tensions, a newspaper headline featured with great importance goes like this; "ABUCTED son not yet found." (00:04:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Mechanic: Resurrection picture

Character mistake: On the boat when Bishop went to rescue her, Jessica Alba says to the guy beating her up "get the fuck off me Ray." Then a few minutes later she says to the same guy "let me go Frank."

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