Deepwater Horizon
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Character mistake: When Mike's wife is watching the news about the oil rig on fire, you can see the TV with part of the U.S. map on it and 'Mississippi' is misspelled as Missisippi. (01:09:10)

Character mistake: Jimmy is seen reading a weather report while on the helicopter. However it's spelled "weater". (00:11:00)

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Factual error: Mike would not drive down to Port Fourchon to pump gas in his truck, to drive up to Bristow heliport in Galliano (30 miles north). In actuality BP uses PHI helicopters out of Houma. That alone is close to 130 mile wasted round trip.

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Kuchta: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! The Deepwater Horizon has exploded and is on fire. I say again, The Deepwater Horizon is on fire. (00:59:40)

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Trivia: When Mr. Jimmy is calling out names on the boat to see who's missing, the real Mr. Jimmy Harrell is standing next to him, wearing a dirty grey T-shirt (and presumably playing a random rig worker). You can first see him (from the back) when Russell calls out Caleb Holloway's name. The first view of his face is just as Russell gets out the life raft onto the deck of the rescue ship. (01:28:30)


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Question: I have two questions. First, Did the disaster start as shown in the movie? Second, did the explosion look like what we saw in the movie?

Answer: The disaster started as a gas blow-out followed by a massive explosion on the oil rig, visible from 40 miles away. Eleven people were killed. Two days later, the burning rig collapsed into the sea, which severed the wellhead at a depth of over 4000 feet. If anything, the movie underplayed the disaster.

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Actually, according to history vs Hollywood the real life explosion was equally as bad as what's shown in the movie.

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