Deepwater Horizon

Factual error: The British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon accident was erroneously characterized by environmental activists, by some U.S. politicians, by the press and by this film as the "worst" manmade oil spill in history. It was not. The Pemex Ixtoc 1 disaster off the Yucatan peninsula in 1979 was far worse, lasted much longer, and received almost zero press in the United States, even though it impacted virtually every coastline in the Gulf of Mexico for over a year. The Deepwater Horizon spill was hyped far above and beyond its comparatively minor environmental impact for purely political reasons (i.e., it was used to fuel opposition to offshore drilling).

Charles Austin Miller
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Suggested correction: It's hard to analyze "worst oil spill" because there's so many factors involved beyond how long it lasted, including death and injuries that occurred. However, the 1979 event resulted in 140 million gallons spilt and the Deepwater Horizon spilt an estimated 206 million gallons and resulted in 11 deaths.


Factual error: Towards the end of the movie when the hotel keys are handed out, they're IHG hotel keys for the Crowne Plaza. When the incident occurred, the cards would have been Priority Club, not IHG. (01:34:10)

Factual error: Mike would not drive down to Port Fourchon to pump gas in his truck, to drive up to Bristow heliport in Galliano (30 miles north). In actuality BP uses PHI helicopters out of Houma. That alone is close to 130 mile wasted round trip.

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