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Corrected entry: When Nicky Parsons is downloading files from the CIA, she opens David Webb's file showing his DOB as 6/4/78. In the Bourne Identity, his Jason Bourne passport (during the bank scene) says his DOB is 8/21/69. I suppose it could be argued that he has a fake age, but this kind of age gap would not be good spycraft. This new age for Bourne/Webb is fudging on the age of Matt Damon, who was born in 1970.

Correction: Just watched the movie. The date is 1974 not '78, making for just a 5 year age gap, which is more believable.

Corrected entry: When Jason Bourne is supposedly in London when he's in a van with the agent - look out the windshield and the Luxor pyramid hotel in Las Vegas is visible. He doesn't go there until the next scene. (01:15:45)

Correction: It's not the Luxor, it's a pyramid-shaped retail building at 161-165 High Street in Watford, north-west of London. It used to be a video store, and is now an outdoor gear store (Cotswold Outdoor).

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