Nine Lives

Deliberate mistake: When the two security guards inside Firebrand alert the other security about David being on the roof, a news reporter overhears, announces it and everyone looks up. The news channel then shows an above angle shot of David standing on the ledge within a second, but how did the news channel manage to start filming David standing on the roof that quickly or even manage to film from this angle? David going up onto the roof was entirely unplanned and within a few seconds of anyone realizing he was on the roof, there is suddenly a news helicopter from above filming the entire thing. It could not have been filmed from the ground because the news is filming an above angle shot and would have been too far away to film. This was probably done intentionally to increase the drama, but still makes little sense. (01:16:50)

Casual Person

Deliberate mistake: After David jumps off the roof of the Firebrand building, it is discovered that he had been wearing a parachute, but this parachute was never visible on him at any point previously in the scene. Even when he was on the roof and after jumping, the parachute was nowhere to be seen. The parachute was too big to have gone unnoticed. It would have been visible whenever the shot was behind him and the straps would have been seen whenever the camera was in front of him. (01:17:30)

Casual Person

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The location of the FireBrand tower keeps changing throughout the film. 1:30 - the tower is in Lower Manhattan, south of the World Trade Center 2:55 - As Kevin Spacey lands, the tower has moved closer to the World Trade Center (side note - the shot immediately before this showed him falling towards midtown Manhattan, not the tower) 3:45 - the tower has moved further north towards midtown 4:50 - the tower appears to have moved back to the position it was in at 1:30. 5:25 - the tower has moved back to it's position at 3:45. 53:25 - We are given a view of the tower from their Central Park penthouse, and it has apparently moved much closer to Central Park (right next to One57 on the other side of Manhattan island) 56:45 - the tower has moved back down to its position at 3:45 and 5:25. 1:17:38 - I'm not entirely sure about this one, but you can briefly make out the two pools of the World Trade Center memorial, which would put the tower at its location at 2:55. 1:18:00 - the tower has moved to the exact location of One World Trade Center (therefore making that building disappear). 1:18:05 - the tower has moved back to its position at 2:55 (now One World Trade is visible).