Best family movie character mistakes of 1994

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Miracle on 34th Street picture

Character mistake: When preparing for the parade, Shellhammer tells Dorey that her Santa is wearing a topcoat and a fedora. Kringle is actually wearing a Homburg, noticeable by the lack of a pinch at the front.

Greg Dwyer

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Camp Nowhere picture

Character mistake: The Matterass twins are playing a video game, and they argue about whether to destroy Milwaukee or Minneapolis. They decide on Milwaukee but destroy Hibbing Minnesota.

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Angels in the Outfield picture

Character mistake: The batter hit a line drive hit over the second baseman Garcia's head. The pitcher Bass whips his head to his left as the ball goes to right or right center field. The announcer said there's a base hit to left field when it was right field.


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Blank Check picture

Character mistake: Quigly says that Preston "got away again" when he and Shae escape in the limo, but that was the first time that the trio found him after he got the money.


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